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Bangle Charm Bracelet


It’s a bangle! It’s a charm bracelet! It’s both! Here’s a glamorous twist to the traditional chain link charm bracelet: Use a thin bangle instead! It’s a great way to make use of mismatched jewelry pieces, cool beads, charms or anything else you have! I like that the beads slide as I move my wrist, and most of all that the bracelet doesn’t get tangled when I take it off.

What you’ll need

  • Bangle
  • Assorted beads or charms
  • Head or eye pins
  • Jump rings
  • Jewelry pliers

Helpful Tip:Add any many or as little beads as you wish. You can also use letter beads or word beads to add more personalization.

How to make it

  1. Gather up your supplies and choose your bracelet and the beads or charms that you want to add. You can use all the same colors, or mix them up.
  2. Choose a bead and slip the head pin through the hole. Use the pliers to bend a loop at the top. Do this to all of the bead or charms that you are going to be using. Make sure the loop end is flush with the top of the bead hole so it won’t slip off once it is connected to the bangle.
  3. Use the pliers to open the jump rings.
  4. Slip the loop on the bead on the jump ring. Slip that over the bangle and use the pliers to carefully close the jump ring. Make sure both ends are flush, with no gap, so it won’t fall off the bangle.
  5. Set the bangle on the table and spread out the beads so you can see if you need to add more of any certain bead. Look for balance in color, shape and size.


Practice makes progress!

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