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Inspiration Friday: Author Alicia de los Reyes

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Today we have author Alicia de los Reyes! She wrote to me about her new book and I thought her expertise would be helpful to those of you wanting to write a novel. Her new book is The Chick Lit Cookbook: A Guide to Writing Your novel in 30 Minutes a Day. Alicia came into my life at the right time. I’ve been postponing working on my third novel and her energy has helped motivate me to get back on track! I hope she and her new book has the same effect on you! Be sure to check out her Tumblr site for writing tips and to see her work in progress.

Synopsis: You’ve said it a dozen times before: If only you had the chance, you would write a chick lit novel. But between job, boyfriend, kids, school — life — you just can’t find the time.

The Chick Lit Cookbook: A Guide to Writing Your Novel in 30 Minutes a Day is the solution. This fun, cupcake-themed guide will take you from start to finish of your first draft. In 13 chapters, each with a short exercise that will get you writing now, you will learn how to create the perfect main character, her ideal love interest, a world for her to live in and an adventure that will draw in readers. You will outline your entire first draft — and then you will write it.

The Chick Lit Cookbook is a beginner’s guide to writing funny, snappy, sucks-you-into-the-story prose about modern women, life and love. It is full of tips and techniques, prompts and pep talks that will spark your imagination and inspire you to put pen to paper. The exercises can be done while sitting on the bus, waiting at the doctor’s office, or talking on the phone with your mother-in-law. This book will show you that you can and will write a chick lit novel.

Whether you’ve been wishing for years that you could write chick lit or are a brand-new fan of Bridget Jones and Becky Bloomwood, you owe it to yourself to pick up this guide. The Chick Lit Cookbook will prove to you that writing a novel can be fun and easy — it’s just like baking cupcakes!

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KATHY: Alicia, tell us about your new book!
ALICIA: The Chick Lit Cookbook: A Guide to Writing Your Novel in 30 Minutes a Day is a guide for budding writers who want to take on their first book-length project. It breaks down your first draft into manageable steps that teach you the basics of a plot, character, and writing techniques. It’s portable (an ebook!) and you can do the exercises on your phone or tablet just about anywhere–on the bus, in the waiting room, or in line at the post office. It’s available on all ebook platforms and at Amazon and Smashwords.
What was your inspiration?
I was writing my thesis for my MFA and it was exhausting–it was a nonfiction project with a lot of research and interviewing. I wanted to take a break with something fun. I started rereading all my favorite chick lit novels and I had a breakthrough–I could write about chick lit! It was the perfect take-a-break project–though I didn’t end up finishing it until after I graduated.
What is it about romance and chick lit novels that make them so addicting?
Romance novels are pure fun–my favorites are full of funny characters and plot lines with lots of hijinks. I think we love watching a character get into trouble, knowing that she will get out.
Now that your book is out, what are your current projects?
I’m currently blogging about writing a novel over on my website, chicklitcookbook.tumblr.com. I’m using The Chick Lit Cookbook and posting my progress every week. I like having the deadline, but it’s a little scary sharing my rough draft!
Was it difficult to write this book to help others rather than write another book yourself?
It wasn’t hard for me because I love writing how-to’s. (And reading them–you should see my collection of craft books.) It was also more manageable for me because I could break it down into pieces and write a chapter a day. Now, hopefully my guide helps others do the same with their novels!
What are some recent novels that you read and loved?
I am currently reading Haley Hill’s It’s Got to Be Perfect about a matchmaker, and so far I’m loving it. I just finished Helen Fielding’s Mad About the Boy–I love Bridget Jones!
What is next on the agenda?
Finish my novel on the blog and then start revising–while I write another guide, Suck It Up and Revise! (also to be published by KMR Publishing). I like having a few projects going at once so I can switch it up and not get bored.

Here is a video chat with Alicia and her editor about publishing! “Tara Swiger of http://taraswiger.com/ interviews Kelly Rizzetta, editor-in-chief of http://kmrpublishing.com/ and Alicia de los Reyes, author of The Chick Lit Cookbook: A Guide to Writing Your Novel in 30 Minutes a Day about the importance of hiring an editor when you’re self-publishing, the wonderfulness of working together, and what Kelly is looking for in her next project!”

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Alicia de los Reyes lives in Seattle, WA, with her husband Andrew Quinton and their cat, Mitzi. She drew on ten years of chick lit addiction to write The Chick Lit Cookbook (KMR Publishing). In her free time, she likes to run, quilt, and eat cupcakes. She’s currently writing a novel on her blog, chicklitcookbook.tumblr.com.

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