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Practice makes progress!


Last month I blogged about wanting to get better at drawing and illustration. It’s hard, because in my mind I see what I want, but my hands don’t process it the same way. I get frustrated and think about giving up and focusing on the things that come easy. The same with fiction writing. But then I say “Practice makes perfect!” and I get back to work.

Recently I was moved by a quote from a Facebook friend, Shayne Bohner, who said:

“Practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice makes progress.”

It struck me because he is soooo right. Progress is what we should strive for, not perfection.  Progress is doable and much easier to achieve! Progress allows one to see where they started, where they are at, and feel accomplishment at the growth! Striving for perfection is stressful and steals the joy out of every moment. Well, except if you are a heart surgeon, then yes, please strive for perfection…but as far as the creative arts…

Then I came across this video shared by come of my co-workers. It’s the same kind of thing! Check out the video and let out a sigh of relief! It’s all good!


Again, this is a friendly reminder to choose your passion and go for it! Celebrate and keep at it, you’ll get better and better and you’ll learn more about yourself, and like they say in this video, eventually you’ll close the gap!

*Clear throat* AgainKEEP AT IT! The more you practice your art or craft, the more progress you will make!


P.S. On a totally separate note…Guess what? Today I signed contracts for both my novels to be published in Poland! Isn’t that so cool? International crafty chicas indeed!

P.S.S. Keep at it!

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