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DIY Sparkly Stained Glass Jars


Have you ever made stained glass jars? It’s super easy, and these are the most because I added sparkle!

I love jars with different shapes and curves. Not only do they add a sense of beauty to a space, but can also be very functional. I gathered up the empty jars in my house and made a fun collection, yes, even a mason jar too! Check your pantry for interesting glass jars that are in need of a life extension. 

If you can’t find any, check a local thrift store or even ask friends and family. This stained glass jars project is worth it, I promise.

All you need is some decoupage medium and paint or dye.

Stained glass jars

Pour some decoupage medium in a cup and add a few drops of paint or tie dye, stir. 

For sparkle, add white glitter or you can use sparkle decoupage medium.

It will be a creamy consistency and will look white and opaque, but it will dry clear.

Repeat this process for multiple colors.

Stained glass jars dye method

Make the stained glass jars

Wash and thoroughly dry your jars so they are dust-free. you want them clear and clean because once you add the medium they will forever be sealed!

Start by taking one jar (wear gloves so you don’t get paint on your hands) and carefully pour in the medium. Roll it around the jar. 

For multi-colored stained glass jars, add in a second or third color, but go light, you don’t want them to glob over each other. We want nice, even thin coverage.

If necessary, hold the jar upside down to drain any excess

Don’t use a brush because it will leave brush marks.

Store upside on a grid so it can drain.

The end result looks so pretty!

Other ideas for stained glass jars

Ditch the jars and try glass vases, glass bottles, glass instant coffee bottles, glass planters. Get creative!


Stained glass jars draining

Wait until they look clear-ish then you can embellish further if you want.

I added stencils and glitter on the outside of each jar. You can also paint designs on them, add stickers or cut vinyl.

Stained glass jarsThese stained glass jars are pretty cool, right? If you still have leftover jars – here’s a couple more ideas!

Magic Glitter Jars

Crafty Magic in a Jar!

Bangle Charm Bracelet

No-Sew T-Shirt Apron


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