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Tips to Feel Healthy and Shiny

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Mother and daughter – Beauty tips for every age – see my list below!


Today is the last day to sign up to win the $100 gift card from Walgreens! Here is the link!First of all, see the pic above? That is me sporting the Olia Oil Powered Permanent Color, the Extrodinaire Color Riche Lipstick, the Loreal Curve It Hair Cream, and the Voluminous Butterfly Mascara – all from the glorious Walgreens beauty aisle!

As part of this belleza campaign, we’re to share our favorite beauty tips! Now, onto some beauty tips!

NOTE: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Latina Mom Bloggers and Walgreens.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.


Drink lots of water. I know this sounds cliché and all, but man, is it ever true. I’m not a big exerciser or health food fanatic, but I am loyal to my water. No pop or sugary drinks, just old school water. Add a lemon slice and a bit of ice, or by itself. It will make your skin look super radiant!

Moisturize your face daily. My nana, aunt, mom, and mom-in-law all do this faithfully – face cream before you go to bed. Not only that, but before you put on your make-up too. I never used to do this and wondered why my make-up – no matter how expensive – wouldn’t last all day. I learned it was because I didn’t wear moisturizer. Once I started applying it, shazamm, my make-up lasted all day. That’s because if you don’t wear moisturizer, your skin will absorb (drink) whatever it can get  – your make-up foundation!

Now let’s talk eyes – this is also a biggie tip from my nana and my aunts! Eye cream is essential! I tried the L’Oréal® Paris Miracle Blur™ Instant Eye Smoother Treatment is a great way to focus on keeping your skin healthy around your eyes. I liked how it made my eyes look less puffy and much brighter.


Take Time to Keep Your Hair Healthy. I’m really happy I was able to try the L’Oréal® Paris CURVE IT Curl Taming Cream. Oh my gosh, what a difference in my hair. Because my hair is so thick and curly, I can’t wash it every week, but I need for it to look bright and shiny. I apply a few drops of this in my hands and run it through my hair and it keeps looking fresh all week!



Get some sunshine! I learned this tip from my doggies. Every day they go outside to different areas of the lawn and sit and bask in the sunlight. It recharges them. So go for a walk, work outside on your patio, whatever it takes to get you out from under the florescent lights.

TIP: If you are like me and have to wear make up for hiking – go for the L’Oréal® Paris Voluminous® Butterfly™ Mascara. Apply them before you go and they stray on all day. Through sweating, panting, hiking or just breezy walks in the sunshine!

Even at her age, even my nana always wears her lipstick!

Wear lipstick, gloss or tint, whatever your style is. Check out Walgreens for L’Oréal® Paris Extrodinaire by Colour Riche®. Wearing lip color always makes me feel better inside and out. I like that this lip color is the perfect blend between lip gloss and lipstick! My hair can be a mess, my clothes covered in paint, but if I have some Color Riche on, I’m ready for the red carpet, lol!


Smile! Seek the “happy” in all things, look for that silver lining! You can brighten that smile with  Colgate Optic White Toothbrush & Whitening Pen. I love the toothbrush because it has the whitening pen built right into the toothbrush – brilliant!! And the NIVEA ® A Kiss of Care & Color Lip Balm is perfect if you want lip balm with a dash of color, nothing too heavy or flashy, a beautiful healthy glow!

Colgate-Optic-White-2-Days-Whiter-Smile-Main500 (3)

The best tip of all? Know that you are beautiful inside and out, embrace your body, your features, all of it – combined they all make you unique and one-of-a kind!

Thank you so much to Walgreens and Latina Mom Bloggers for this fun campaign, it was a blast! Belleza!!


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