Walgreens Beauty Shopping Haul (& $100 Giveaway!)

This is me spiffied up, after I used the Olia hair color, the Extrodinaire Color Riche lipstick, the Loreal Curve It hair cream, and the Voluminous Butterfly mascara – all from the glorious Walgreens beauty aisle! Read below to see the other things I scored and how you can enter to win a $100 Walgreens gift card!


Hola, crafty chicas! OK, there is one guilty pleasure in life that never gets old – shopping for beauty products at Walgreens! I was super excited to sign up for this Walgreens Latino campaign because it is all about belleza! BEAUTY! I’m going to go through the new goodies I bought, and then I also have a $100 Walgreens gift card giveaway for one of YOU!

NOTE: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Latina Mom Bloggers and Walgreens.  However, all opinions expressed are my own.

This was my shopping list for the #WalgreensLatino #Belleza campaign:


  • Garnier Olia Oil Powered Permanent Color: This I tried immediately. It’s a great way to “touch up” those pesky grays between stylist appointments. It was easy to use and I loved that it was very low odor (no ammonia!), smelled nice and because it has a 60% oil blend, it didn’t make my hair feel like straw after I rinsed it out. OK, crafty confession – you know what I most excited about  well aside from covering my grays? The bottle! I washed it out and it makes for an excellent high-powered glitter blower! After I glitter, I like to use a squeeze bottle to blow away and strays flecks and this bottle is so awesome for that! Plus, it’s recycling, right? Olia for the win!


  • Revlon Parfumeria Nail (in China Flower and African Tea Rose): This was my second favorite – it’s nail polish that is scented! It comes in all these pretty colors. The smell is light and fresh and lasted about two days (without a top coat polish). I’ll definitely use the bottles in some art projects once the polish is gone. They are too cute not show off!


  • L’Oréal® Paris Voluminous® Butterfly™ Mascara: I’ve seen the commercials for this and was anxious to try it. The wand has a brush on one side and comb on the other so it can catch every last lash and bring it to life. It’s taking me a few tries to get used to it, every mascara has a different personality, you know? But so far so good. I chose the waterproof version because my ojos are always so watery!mascara
  • L’Oréal® Paris Extrodinaire by Colour Riche®: This looks like lipstick, but it is actually lip gloss with heavy tint. It’s very silky and shiny, but not gooey. I didn’t even get to try it first because Maya snatched it and used it! I used it for a TV segment this morning and I was impressed that it lasted through the morning without a touch-up.
Que bonita, I love my Maya! Even if she does sneak away with my new lip color!
  • L’Oréal® Paris CURVE IT Curl Taming Cream: This is one of my faves. It’s perfect for curly hair and smells sooo nice. It’s light, doesn’t have alcohol, not greasy, and adds a nice shine to my hair. I’ve been using it before I dry my hair and in the morning to keep the frizzies down. A keeper. I haven’t heard of this “Curve It” Loreal line until this campaign! Nice find for sure!


I have these too, but I have yet to try them:

  • L’Oréal® Paris Miracle Blur™ Instant Eye Smoother Treatment
  • Colgate Optic White Toothbrush & Whitening Pen
  • NIVEA ® A Kiss of Care & Color Lip Balm



GIVEAWAY! Follow the directions below and on Feb 25th, I’ll randomly draw one name to win a $100 Walgreens gift card! Contest ends, Feb 24th, 11:59 p.m., PT. 18 and older, U.S. residents only!

How to enter:

Mandatory: TWEET (1 entry max): Copy and paste the following, adding your favorite product from my blog post: “I just entered a giveaway from @CraftyChica, I’m most interested in {product name}! See more here: http://tinyurl.com/m3cr5of #WalgreensLatino #Belleza”


INSTAGRAM: (2 entries max): Post a picture of one of the nine products I mentioned above and add the hashtags:  #WalgreensLatino #Belleza.

Bonus: COMMENT (1 entry max): Leave a comment below sharing your favorite feature about yourself (personality, eyes, laugh, nose, hair, toes, etc!)


Then leave a comment below with your full name, email and number of total entries (and your bonus comment!). Good luck! you can buy a lot of cool goodies with a $100 Walgreens gift card!!!!


Love & light,

60 Responses

  1. I have spent 3 years letting my hair grow out, it’s thicker and has more curl than ever before. I love it’s wildness even though they say women over 40 shouldn’t have long hair. I do and will until I don’t want to anymore! Is love the Loreal Curl taming products

  2. I love my nails. I especially love to create my own nail art. I get bored of my nail polish so I always polish my own nails In between manicures.

  3. I’ve been using the Olia Hair color for about 6 months now and really like it. The color stays for about 6 weeks before starting to pay.

  4. I posted on Instagram and here- +3 entries.
    My favorite feature is my nose. As a young girl I was bullied a lot. One of the things may kids out make fun of me over was my big nose. I had a huge complex. As I grew up and maintained many friendships and realized that people who really cares for me did the care whether my nose was big or my hair too curly. They just liked me. I learned to embrace my big nose, it gives me personality! I would love to try the Curve It Curl Taming Cream for my crazy risos!

  5. My best feature has to be my eyelashes. I love them so much and I get a look of complements on them. 🙂

  6. I love my hair. It took me many years to make peace with my curls, but with the right products, they look great.

  7. my hair!! it’s natural wavy self has a mind of its own so I’m hoping the Loreal will help it

    I tweeted an entry and made this comment so 2 entries!!!

  8. tweet-https://twitter.com/tcarolinep/status/433373857307578368
    I like my smile.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  9. Hi here is my tweet and
    My feature I think it’s my nails I like them and almost everybody tell me that they are pretty
    Thanks for the chance

  10. My favorite feature would have to be my hazel eyes. 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 AT gmail DOT com

  11. My favorite feature is my eyes. I always use mascara, and I’ve always used L ‘Oreal voluminous mascara. I may have to try L’Oréal® Paris Voluminous® Butterfly™ Mascara.

  12. The favorite thing about myself (or what others have said or reacted) is making people laugh and putting them in a better mood through humor. That is why I love, adore and look up to Lucille Ball, Melissa McCarthy, and Ellen DeGeneres to name a few. There is a reason why the infamous quote of “Laughter is the best medicine” has stuck around like it has. Laughter cannot only heal but is an extension of love.

  13. My favorite feature about myself is my ability to remember people. It impresses some and freaks out others.

  14. Tweeted & left my bonus comment about myself, so TWO entries for me – THANKS!

    Susan Christy
    myfoxypup (at) gmail (dot) com

  15. My favorite feature about myself is my skin. It’s held up pretty well, whereas the rest not so much! 🙂

  16. I entered the mandatory comment plus bonus comment of my favorite feature. My twitter handle is @SweepstakesBeau.

  17. I’ve always liked my eyes, I love the hazel color and how they even change color sometimes. I can’t wait to try the Garnier Olia Oil Powered Permanent Color. I tweeted it too! 2 entries.

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