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Frida Tea Party Hat



This Frida tea party hat to too cute! Recently I was surfing Facebook and came across a super cute hat that my friend, Lisa Rocha, made for an event.

“Please will you do a tutorial for my blog?” I asked! She happily agreed and here we are!

First let me tell you about Lisa! She is an amazing jewelry designer, specializing in Latina-empowerment themes. You can check out her work at www.ilaments.net, and do some shopping.



Now, let’s get to her tutorial!


Lisa says,

“First pick out any straw hat. I found mine at Michaels, you can also go thrift shopping!  Next, the best part about Frida is her flowers to decorate her with. They bring the hat to life. And then the Frida patch. You can order one online or make one yourself. I was lucky, and had bought one at a gift show. Mexican Folk Shops might have some too.”

Next, Lisa cut out an image of Frida from the fabric and hot glue to affix sequins.



Lisa loaded up on the sparkle for her Frida tea party hat!

She used a variety of gems and other embellishments!

“Now your flowers are gonna need some extra bling for the centers,” she says. “You’ll need a little bigger size rhinestones to make the flower pop! The green was just enough accent on the leaves. The secret ingredient for Frida’s hat was in the charms. I found vintage charms passed down to me from my grandma and loose jewelry beads from my jewelry studio!”

frida table.jpg


“And hello!” she says. “You got yourself a Chicana Time, Frida Tea Party Hat!”

Thank you so much to Lisa for sharing this project! Please check her out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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