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Mardi Gras Muses Shoes


Well, Mardi Gras is a wrap, it ended last night. I wanted to share something really fun with you from the festivities!

Judy Walker, one of my friends and former colleagues from my Arizona Republic newspaper days, is the food writer for NOLA.com. This time of the year, she is all about Mardi Gras festivities, more specifically – Muses Shoes! If you don’t know what Muses Shoes are – read this article by Judy’s husband, writer, Dave Walker. It will answer all your questions! Basically, the tradition began in 2001, when a group of artful women decided to add a ladies touch to the festivities. And just like glitter – the flashy idea caught on and became widespread! The result are gorgeously decorated shoes! You know I can relate to this!

You know why else I’m excited? Because next week, I’m headed out to New Orleans for the very first time! OK, back to the shoes!

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“For the past 12 years I’ve belonged to the Krewe of Muses, a group of 1,000+women who put on the most popular parade in the Carnival season,” Judy says. “We are known for our fab throws, the most coveted of which is The Glitter Shoe. Some of the 40-some women on our float get together at Susan Larson’s house on Sundays after Christmas to glitter shoes. This is our glitter (some of it)…”


A shoe in progress…


“We can take up to 30 shoes each on the float; I made about 15 or 16 last year.”


“Several of us gather around Susan’s dining table — she leaves it out for weeks.”


Here are shoes Judy and her friends made!

glitter4.jpg glitter5.jpg

You can see more Muse Shoes on Pinterest!

Thank you so much to Judy for sharing these pictures with us! Read her articles here!

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  1. Dear Kathy,
    Thank you for being YOU! I love, love, love your art and website! I live on the Gulf Coast (Pensacola, FL) and we celebrate Mardi Gras, but on a much smaller scale that in New Orleans. It’s such a fun and crazy time isn’t it? Anyway, your shoes are just too COOL!


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