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Peeps taste test


Peeps has a slew of new treats for the season and wow, were we excited to receive a box of samples here at Crafty Chica headquarters! My first thought was they were the basic sugar-coated marshmallows, which I’ve never been a fan of. Much to my delight, these confections go above and beyond what you think Peeps are. Here is their web site.

Kudos to the product development team at Peeps. They took a beloved product and reinvented it for a refined palate. Dark chocolate? Mousse? We decided to give them a taste test.


Check out Maya, grubbing down on the samples! She’s like, “No cameras!” OK, let’s get started.


This is cute and clever. A hollow chocolate egg, but…


Crack it open to find a Peep! Although this poor little guy’s head was stuck to the egg. But you get the gist. Cute!


These were pretty tasty – chocolate-dipped chicks. They are VERY sweet, one is just right for a treat.


These were my favorite. Not just for Easter or for Peeps, but for everything in general. Dark chocolate with a teeny bit of marshmallow creme inside. They taste legit!


Here are some others. I haven’t tried these yet because even though the packaging is cute, I’m pretty sure I know how they taste. I’m intrigued by the “Party Cake Peeps.” So was my friend, Margot. She concocted this martini recipe!

Margot Potter’s Peeps Martini Cocktail

Here’s another idea – you can use them as place card holders!


Here are some of my ideas for Peeps:

Mini Peeps, super small ones, and sell them on a strand.

Sweet and salty Peeps.

Peeps with a spicy kick!

Peeps cakes, same shape but instead of marshmallow, they are cakes inside, maybe marshmallow creme filling.

Coconut-covered Peeps!

Freezer paper as stabilizer

Stamped Block Print Shirt


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  1. Dd is jealous! Lol. I’m loving the martini, that is awesome and now we’re having peeps place markers for Easter. Thanks for the idea. Fun that you got to taste test. Hope you don’t have too much of a sugar rush! Hehe


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