PHX FAVE: Hive, Purple Lizard, Maizie’s Cafe & SPANX!



This is the kind of Phoenix Saturday I love – exploring my city for work and play. All of these places were great, so I thought I’d share!

1. Hive at the Burton Barr Public Library,  1221 N Central Ave, Phoenix


This is a new, sleek-yet-cozy community area that has been set up in the library that is all about helping local entrepreneurs. Every month the library hosts speakers, workshops and meetings to help bloggers and business owners up their game. Today I gave a one-hour presentation on blogging and branding. I shared tips on launching a blog, pinpointing a mission statement, content ideas and more. After I spoke, my fellow Phoenix Frida, Carmen Guerrero took the stage. Her speech was about grant writing, launching a non-profit, pitching to companies for sponsorship and more. I learned so much. We had a nice crowd for the afternoon and I could tell everyone left feeling inspired. What was really cool was that the event was part of the library’s International Women’s Day celebration, and we had a few husbands, boyfriends and dads who were there on behalf of their wives, girlfriends and daughters! Click here to see other upcoming events at Hive! And here is a video too. And yes, I will be back in May to give another free business seminar! If you don’t live in Phoenix, check out your local library to see if it has anything similar!

2. Purple Lizard Boutique, 2827 N 15th Ave, Phoenix



If you live in Phoenix and have been buying our art, you know that the Purple Lizard is where to always find some. Today I dropped off an order of Crafty Chica mugs, my doodle art bracelets, and some of Patrick’s paintings. This store is amazing if you love Latin chic art and clothing. I’d say about 90% of what is sold is all by indie companies and most of it is one-of-a-kind handmade. It will take you a while to browse through everything. The magic is from owner, Marguerite Tram, who personally selects each item, and personally helps each shopper. We have always been so proud to have our work sold here. 

SIDE NOTE: I’m also excited to share that our work is back at The Phoenix Art Museum in the Museum Store! You can find my mugs and some of my resin necklaces. More to come, as soon as we can make new items!

3. Maizie’s Cafe and Bistro, 4750 N Central Ave, Phoenix



After I left the Purple Lizard, I received a text from Maya to meet her for a late lunch at Maizie’s Cafe and Bistro. I’d never been before, so I was game! I would have snapped a picture of the Inside Out Blue Burger I had, but I gobbled it down before I had a chance. This place is a Crafty Chica Phoenix Fave because the staff was super friendly, genuine cool friendly, not fake friendly. I ordered a small salad while I waited for Maya to arrive, and I was pleased to find that it was one of those salads that had dressing evenly covered on each piece of lettuce, as well as all the other ingredients. 

So here is a funny TMI story – I’ve been trying to lose weight by wearing Spanx during my meals. It really works! I’ve already lost 10 pounds. It’s getting me used to eating smaller portions. So I had my Spanx on, feeling all slim and in control. I ate my delish salad, then for my burger, I ate the meat and veggies and left the bread. I proudly chose fruit over fries and was doing soooo well. Well, guess what? Our server was so cool, she ended up giving us a taste of the dessert Maizie’s is known for – Apple Crumb Cheesecake. (Pictured)

What did I do?

I got up, marched to the restroom, peeled off my Spanx and stuffed them in my purse. God sent me that cheesecake for a reason and I am not one to mess with God! So I let out a huge sigh and Maya and I shared half the dessert and brought the rest home.

See why this day rocked?

What city do you live in, what are you favorite places there?

Love & light,

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  1. How cool! I’ve never been to Phoenix but I when I go those places sound great! I love to explore San Diego and most of the times of in driving and see a cool new place I make sure to write it down in my list of places to visit. Oh and recently we went to the new central library and out was great. We want to go again soon!

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