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Puppy Photo and Tip Book



This is an awesome idea to make and give to new pet owners. My friend, Kathya,  – well, her doggie had puppies. When it came time to part with them to their new owners, Kathya made a photo album for each puppy. On one side it has pictures of the different stages since birth, and the other side has specific tips that pertain to that puppy’s personality. So clever! That way the new owner knows all the little details about the puppy they are going to adopt!

By the way, my friend Kathya has a scrapbook site – http://www.stampwithkathya.com/ – please go visit and say hi!


2 pieces of mat board covered with decorative paper, 5 1/2 by 4 1/2 inches each

1 piece of heavy art paper, 24 by 5 1/2 inches

4 card stock pockets

4 card stock tags with ribbon

Assorted scrapbook paper

Assorted pictures

Pens, rub-on letters, embellishments, rubber stamps

Aleene’s Tacky Glue Stick


1. Accordion fold the art paper five times to create even-size panels.

2. Affix one end of the panel to the inside of each piece of mat board. If desired, cover each panel with decorative scrapbook paper.

3. One side of the book will be filled with pet-care tips, so affix the pockets to each panel, write tips on the tags and insert them.

4. For the other side of the book, affix pictures of the pet and use the pen and rub-on letters to write phrases or notes.

5. Decorate the covers with rub-on letters, rubber stamps and embellishments.


Painted Chiminea Planter

Rustic Coin Frame


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