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REVIEW: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

This was one of my favorite features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – the built-in stylus and note taking feature!

OK, deep breath. I’m gonna give it to you straight. I think I may just shed a tear saying bye to my review period of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Last fall, Samsung sent me  a no-strings-attached trial run of it, along with the Galaxy Gear watch. I’m a hardcore iPhone chica, and was very hesitant about using the Galaxy Note 3. But you know what? It really grew on me, so much that I had to hold back from using it so I wouldn’t get SUPER dependent and attached, because I knew the day would come when I’d have to give it back, lol! It is a change from the iPhone, much bigger screen (love) and many more notifications for social media. These can be adjusted to your liking, but I made full use of them during the Craft and Hobby trade show in January where I needed to be connected every second!

So, what was my favorite SGN3 goodie? OMG – the built-in stylus and the note taking feature. Genius! The note taking app is especially fun for a creative type like me because I was able to sketch craft ideas, doodle on images (in different colors or pen types!) and more.



Another thing I really appreciated about the SGN3 was that it was very easy to set up. You simply follow the steps to get it up and running. And it’s easy for several family members to share the device too. Each of us was able to take turns and keep our accounts separate. I never really got the hang of the watch, only because I don’t wear watches, but my son, DeAngelo, ate it  up and used it faithfully for his work in client services for a web development firm.

I also loved the photos – great, sharp shots, a much-needed necessity for what I do!

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is great for:

– Bloggers, social media folks.

– Busy people who need to get organized.

– People who are excited to up their phone game!

As far as what I didn’t like? Two things – the size when it comes to using it as a phone. It is a little big, also I couldn’t fit it in my front pocket. Luckily, most of the time I always have my purse. HOWEVER – for everything else, the size came in handy! Second thing is that I had a few glitches with the Vine app. Granted, I’m really digging here to find something, I want to be balanced in my review!

One thing that DeAngelo, Maya and myself all agreed on, every time we went to use the SGN3 in public, people were sooo curious! “Is that a Note 3? Do you like it? Is it as cool as it looks on TV?” So, it definitely has people’s interest!

Thank you to Samsung for letting me try out the Galaxy Note 3, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience!


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