Terra Cotta Pot Crafts: Mini-Lights DIY


terra cottapot crafts - How to make mini lights!

I love to add colorful accents to my patio, any way I can. This is one of my favorite projects from days back – mini-flowerpots for mini-lights! I now make them for friends and family and now I’ll share the process with you!

What you’ll need

Helpful Tip:Make sure the open the hole with the scissors just enough so the light bulb snugly fits. Variations:Paint them in your favorite colors, use stencils, stickers or even gold leafing for a pretty effect!

How to make it

  1. Open your scissors and insert a blade into the hole at the bottom of the flowerpot and scrap to make the hole big enough for the light bulb to fit through. Do this to all the flowerpots.
  2. Paint the flowerpots and let them dry. Use white craft glue to add fabric trim around the edges too!
  3. One by one, insert the mini light bulb through the bottom of the flowerpot and hot glue the base of the plastic casing of the bulb to the hole on the pot. Do not get hot glue anywhere near the bulb. Do this to all of the flowerpots and lights and let dry.
  4. If desired, wrap the cord with the colorful embroidery thread. Use the white craft glue to secure ends in place.
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