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Glitter and Gold Cascarones



Here is a classy twist on traditional cascarones (confetti eggs). Instead of tissue paper, I used gold leaf on some, and glitter on the others! They almost seem too beautiful to crack on someone’s head!




– Eggs

– Tulip Soft Paint, brush, water

– Aleene’s Collage Pauge

– Gold leaf

– Tulip Glitter

First you want to create the empty eggs. Tap on one end with a knife and break open a little hole, drain the eggs in a bowl. Rinse well and set upside down on a paper towel to dry. It’s really important to make sure each eggs is washed and dried before going to the next step!

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Water down the paint and base coat the eggs. You can make them as bright as you want, or give them a light wash. Next, pour in some glitter.



I really like the chunky glitter because it shows up better from afar, as opposed to microfine glitter.



For both, you’ll need Collage Pauge. Let’s do the gold leaf first!

PicMonkey Collage.jpg


Gold leaf comes in sheets – 25 for about $10. It is very thin and fragile, it may take you a bit of getting used to! Take one sheet, then coat one end of the egg with the Collage Pauge and carefully place the gold leaf over the wet glue. Carefully press in place and set aside. Let it dry and then gently pull away the excess. You can also use a dry brush to remove it.



It’ll look like this!


For the glittered version, cover the hole with tissue paper (using Collage Pauge). Then add another coat of Collage Pauge over the entire area of the tissue and pour on the glitter. Tap away excess.








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