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Happiness Bracelets


Have you ever felt like sharing the happy? Here is a wonderful way to do that! Help the kiddos string these colorful beaded bracelets using uplifting word beads. Make a batch and then give them away to nice people you come across throughout the day!

What you’ll need
Stretch cording
Assorted small beads
Word or letter beads
Helpful Tip:
Before stringing the beads, give the cord a good stretch. Make sure to use the right width of cording to match the size of the holes in the beads.
Instead of just one word per bracelet, use letter beads to create short statements, use a solid color bead between each word.
1. Cut a piece of stretch cord to about 10″ long. Choose your favorite beads and words for your bracelet.
2. Tie a knot at one end, so the beads won’t slide off as you string them. Add the beads, then add a word beads, or letter beads. A good length is about 3-4″.
3. Once you have all the beads on, slide all of them to the center and carefully pull the ends of the cord together and loop them, then tie in a tight knot. Pull the strands tight, then tie a second knot. Snip away excess cord.
4. Now make more bracelets in different colors and themes to give away to friends!

NOTE: This project is for kids old enough to know not to put beads in their mouth or anywhere else…

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