How to prep a surface for painting with Tide Oxi (Giveaway too!)



Earlier this month at Hispanicize, I met some of the reps from Tide (P&G). While they were there to promote Pantene, knowing I’m crafty, they told me about the new Tide Oxi. I’m always interested about anything Tide. I remember in my early days of marriage, both my mom and mom-in-law told me, “Never skimp on laundry detergent. Tide and Downey!” I didn’t argue! Tide Oxi is different from laundry detergent. It works as a laundry booster to get out tough stains – BUT it also doubles as a household cleaner. You mix 1/4 of a cup with 16 ounces of water and you have a potent mix of clean. While talking to the reps, I guess I excitedly rattled off all the things I thought I could use it for, even though they already have 225 ideas. They asked if I’d be interested in sharing my ideas with all of you and well, here we are!

tide oxi

GIVEAWAY: Leave a comment with your email either here on on my YouTube video sharing what you would want to use Tide Oxi for and I’ll choose two name to win one of these tubs.
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Watch my video HERE to see how I cleaned up a trunk before painting. This trunk was old and crusty and had been in our garage for years. I scrubbed off the top layer of icky and repainted it. Now it brightens up the whole room!

Here are some other ways I plan to use my Tide Oxi (other than the usual bathroom tile grout, etc):

1. Scrubbing the dried fabric dye from my work table.
2. Cleaning up glass patio tables after they’ve been outside all winter.
3. Cleaning up the window sills in our Arizona room.
4. Scrubbing paint drips off the walls.
5. Scrubbing the crevices in my washing machine because of all my messy tie-dye.
6. Paint and glue spills from the floor.
7. Scrubbing grimy handprints off the garage door.
8. Scrubbing up dried paint from the garage floor.
9. Cleaning up old frames and boxes I buy at the thrift store.

What would you use it for?

Love & light,

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  1. I want to use TideOxi to: 1) clean yard sale dresser I want to repurpose for kitchen storage; 2) clean basement floor and walls (leaked after a hard rain); 3) pre clean deck before ‘re staining

  2. I’d use it clean the area around the litter box and would love to clean the bathroom with something that doesn’t overpower me with pine scent – or something floral!!

  3. What couldn’t I use this for? But I think cleaning surfaces for upcycled painting purposes would be my No. 1 use, and to clean old vinyl that needs some stain removal. I have been looking for a product that is more gentle than things from the hardware store!

  4. So many places to use this! Winter was hard on our outdoor furniture. Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. I can’t believe how many uses there are for this stuff!! What a work horse product! I’d use it to clean up some spills in my garage (from my impromptu spray paint old frames and shelves incidents), I’d use it on my carpets and upholstery, my curtains, walls, and probably even my windows. I’d probably try to use it literally everywhere I possibly could just so I could breathe in as much as that wonderful Tide smell as possible at all times!!!

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