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DIY Margarita glasses

Here are some fun ideas for DIY Margarita glasses!

Aside from holding tequila and Triple Sec, margarita glasses come in handy for all kinds of other duties – especially decorating! Here are three ways I use them around my house and for parties. And if you live in (or love) the southwest like me, they are everywhere. That means it’s time to get crafty.

Before we start any painting or gluing our DIY Margarita glasses, did you know there are different types? 

Everything You Need to Know About Margarita Glasses

Margarita glasses are typically short and wide, with a capacity of around six ounces. They are often used for cocktails and other mixed drinks.

Most margarita glasses are made of clear glass, although some are made of colored glass. They are generally about 8-10 inches tall, and have a wide mouth, perfect for sipping.

To make a margarita glass, a glassblower starts by creating a gather, which is a small amount of molten glass on the end of the blowpipe. The gather is then inflated like a balloon to form a small blob. The glassblower then shapes the blob into a cylinder, using a combination of blowing and rotating the pipe.

The glassblower next cuts off the top of the cylinder to create the glass bowl of the margarita glass. The bowl is then shaped into a desired form, often with a flared rim. Finally, the glassblower attaches a stem to the bottom of the bowl.

Different types of margarita glasses

Some glasses are designed specifically for frozen margaritas, while others are better for serving cocktails with a salted rim. Here are some of the most common types of margarita glasses:

Frozen Margarita Glasses – These glasses are designed for serving frozen margaritas. They typically have a wide base and a thin stem, making them easy to hold and drink from.

Salted Rim Margarita Glasses – These glasses are perfect for serving cocktails with a salted rim. They have a wide base and a thick stem, which helps keep your drink from getting watered down.

Cocktail Margarita Glasses – These glasses are designed for serving cocktails with a mixed drink. They typically have a thin stem and a small base, making them easy to hold and drink from.

Champagne Margarita Glasses – These glasses are perfect for serving champagne margaritas. They are typically shorter than regular margarita glasses, and have a wide base and a thin stem.

How to care for margarita glasses

So, you’ve just bought a set of margarita glasses and you want to make sure you take care of them so they last forever (or at least until you break them). Here are a few tips:

-Never put them in the dishwasher.

-Wash them by hand with soap and water.

-Dry them with a soft cloth.

-Store them in a cabinet or on a shelf.

Okay, let’s get into these ideas for DIY Margarita glasses

These are not necessarily for drinking, but for decorating. 

1. Margarita Glass Cactus Garden

Pick up a variety of small succulents – or even the faux ones – and plant them inside the glasses. If they are live ones, you can use a spray bottle of water to keep them fresh.

I thought it would be a great time to try out this idea I’ve  had for a while – Margarita Glass Cactus Gardens! I used mostly succulents which hardly require any water at all, and you need a shallow planter – these glasses work perfectly. These would make great wedding favors or wedding centerpieces for a southwestern theme, or even a regular party. Your guests can take them home and replant them, and then use the Margarita glass for—-Margaritas! They’ll think of you every time they sip!


2. Margarita Glass Candles

This is a project from my La Casa Loca book, I melted candle wax and used the glass as the holder. Of course, I had to paint the rest of the glass. These make a great holiday or housewarming gift!

3. Sweet and Salty Margarita Glass Snack Cups

For this project, I used mini-plastic Margarita glasses. They were so cute, I couldn’t resist. I used them as snack cups.

4. Faux succulent gardens

I whipped these up for Halloween, but holiday or Valentine versions would be super cute too! I used plastic succulents and then painted and glittered them!

halloween succulent gardens

Here are some other ideas for DIY Margarita glasses I found online to give you inspiration!

Resin DIY Margarita Glasses

This is such a cool idea, what a great way to level up these glasses. Don’t they look amazing, and these also would make great gifts. You can even personalize them to the season or theme.

YouTube video

Glittered Margarita Glasses

Of course I ADORE this idea and it reminds me of the glittered mugs I made a while back. My best advice is to get the glitter away from where you lips will touch the glass. You know…safety! You also want to really coat the glitter well with brush-on varnish.

YouTube video

Painted Margarita Glasses

These are so beautiful and you can theme them to any season! The Margarita glass makes for a nice reverse canvas because it is so so roomy and big, the design will really shine through. There are specific glass paints you can use, even at the craft store. Look for multi-purpose paint and don’t forget to seal your work, and hand wash only.

YouTube video


Cricut Vinyl Margarita Glasses

Super cute idea, simply use your Cricut machine to add a phrase or names to the glasses. 

YouTube video

Do you have some favorite ideas for DIY margarita glasses? Please share!

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