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Piñata-inspired animal charms



Plastic animals are just too fun to resist. They’ve been gilded, glittered, blinged, and chopped. I went the easy route and used old-school paint and varnish. The result? These awesome charms that can be used for bracelets or plastic animal necklaces. I love all things Mexi-style, so I went with bright and bold colors, kind of like a piñata!


Plastic animals

Handheld rotary tool

Eye pin, needle nose pliers (jump rings and chain for necklace)

Tulip Soft Fabric Paint

Aleene’s Paper Glaze

Head pin, thin liner brush



The first step is to use your rotary tool to make a hole through each animal. Next, base coat each one with paint.


Let dry, then use the head pin to add smaller details. The animals are so small, make sure to have patience and use good lighting!



Once they are all painted, apply a coat of Aleene’s Paper Glaze to make them nice and glossy. Let dry.



Use your needle nose pliers to insert the eye pin through the animal and create a secure loop at the top. Add a jump ring and attach your charm to whatever you want. They can be charms, ornaments, pendants, whatever you want! NOTE: My first thought was to add beads or tassels from the bottom, but I changed my mind. If you don’t want to hang anything from under the animal, use a head pin instead of an eye pin.

charmgiraffe.jpg charmsB620 charmsingle.jpg


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