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Spicy Rum Punch Sangria


Maya, my youngest, turned 21 last week. For all practical purposes, it was another year, another birthday for one of my kiddos. I got this down, you know? While we were planning a family BBQ, I asked if we could do face painting again this year. It’s always a hit at the kid parties!

Maya reluctantly shrugged and said, “Since I’m 21 now, can we do Sangria?”

Ding dong. She brought it. My kids are grown ups! They don’t want flowers on their face, they want booze! She isn’t the partying type, so I thought I’d fulfill her modest request and make some Sangria. I’m not exactly a mixologist, but I can get creative. I looked up a basic recipe and added my own touch. It came out so tasty!!!


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Here’s what I used:

Sangria red wine
Mango Rum
Ginger Ale
Three oranges
Three limes
Handful of chopped strawberries
There is a kicker!


Tajin fruit seasoning for the rim of the glasses!


Slice the fruit.

Using a glass beer pitcher (I only say that because we always use Patrick’s aunt’s Coors pitcher!), pour in the red wine about halfway. Then add in all the fruit. Make sure to SQUEEZE the limes and oranges. Add the strawberries. Now pour in the rum, about two cups. Stir it all up. Cover it with plastic and let it sit in the fridge overnight. NOTE: Or at least a bit in the fridge so it is chilled!

The next day, take a cup and run a cut lime around the rim. Pour some Tajin on a plate and turn the cup upside down on the plate to pick up the Tajin around the rim. Add ice and fill with the Sangria mix about 3/4th of the way. Add a splash of Ginger Ale and mix with a cocktail stirrer. Add an orange slice for garnish. Make sure to drop in some strawberries pieces too, they are yummy to eat at the end!


I had Patrick taste it and he took a sip and said “Yup, it’s ready for a wedding!”

That means the recipe is a winner!



Tajin is a salty, spicy seasoning used on fruit to give it a kick. I thought since this was a rum punch, it should go well, it sure does!


You can also serve it without the Tajin as well. It is just as tasty!

Do you have a tasty Sangria recipe? Please share! I want to experiment more with this!

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  1. When I make Sangria, I squeeze 2 oranges, a lemon and a lime into a pitcher. Add about a 1/4 cup of Triple Sec and a spoonful of sugar. Slice fruit (orange, lemon, lime, apple, mango, pineapple….any fruit you like, frozen fruit works well too) and add to pitcher. Let this sit overnight to marinate……next day add red wine. I always get rave reviews on my Sangria…….:)


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