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Spray Dyed Tote

Let’s make a spray dyed tote.

My friend Alexa recently told me about the painter’s tape technique and I thought I’d give it a try on this canvas book bag. The bag has been hanging around in my studio for months because I couldn’t decide what to make – until now! Sometimes you just have to dive in and get messy. And this painter’s tape idea was perfect!

This spray dyed tote project is perfect for an easy weekend craft. It’s involves minimal supplies, it’s easy to assemble and execute. and peeling off the tape after the paint dries? Sooo therapeutic! 

100% cotton canvas tote

This tote I linked comes five to a pack, which is nice because you can use these as grocery bags, etc. And they come in an array of colors, so that will be fun to mix and match the spray colors.
Tulip Fabric spray Paint
Painter’s tape

Pre-wash your tote and let it dry. Press it flat so you have a smooth work surface.

NOTE: This is not actual “dye”, it is fabric paint in a spray bottle so that’s why the fabric needs to be dry. But you could do the same technique with dye i a spray bottle!

Apply the tape in random lines, creating open areas to spray the paint. There is so exact pattern for this, just create sections for the paint. 

Once it is all tapes down, it’s time to break out with the paints! I used this set of Tulip Neons, I wanted something bright!

Use a different color on each area. If you have to, use a piece of paper to block off other areas of the bag to prevent overspray. This bag had pockets so I put paper to block off everything except the pockets.

Use your finger to rub the paint from the tape onto the fabric so you get even coverage in all the areas. Wear some gloves first! Rubbing it in with your fingers will make it look smooth and even.

Carefully peel up the tape.

Let dry. If yu want to go further in your design, you can use fabric markers to outline each colored section.



Thanks for checking out my post about this spray dyed tote.

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