The Perfect 5-Minute Iced Coffee

Here is my iced coffee recipe. I posted this picture on Instagram last week and had a flood of peeps asking for the recipe!
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Before I go into the recipe, here’s the deal with my coffee ritual. I stopped using a coffeemaker. I got tired of wasting the brewed coffee if I didn’t drink it all. I wanted simple. Plus, living in Arizona, I really love iced coffee most of the time. It’s fast and if you use a strong version like Nescafe Clasico Dark Roast Instant, you’ll get a good buzz!

So back to my iced coffee recipe! This is how I make my iced coffee every morning. I always use Coffee-mate Natural Bliss, I like that it’s made from only four ingredients. Sweet Cream is my favorite because it has a light flavor and adds just the right about of cream to my drink.

NOTE: I like strong coffee, so feel free to adjust as need be. You might flinch when you see how much coffee I add, lol!


Nescafe Clasico Dark Roast Instant
Coffee-mate Natural Bliss
Raw sugar


In a tall glass, add one tablespoon of the coffee and one heaping tablespoon of sugar.


Add about eight-ounces of water, and stir until coffee and sugar have dissolved.


Fill the glass with ice to the top. Stir so that the ice chills the coffee mixture.


Now add a splash of the Coffee-mate Natural Bliss. You can choose to stir it in or let or drizzle down the glass. I love watching it at this point. Simple pleasures, I tell you!


Add a straw and you are good to go. Take a sip and add more sugar if needed. Savor it, sip slowly so it lasts!

Love & light,

5 Responses

  1. I hate to have to tell you this but it is a dairy products.

    COFFEE-MATE® natural bliss® sweet cream
    made with: milk, cream, sugar & natural sweet cream flavor.
    The above info is from their website.
    It still looks good though. I wonder if it would taste as good with coconut milk creamer? I will have to try it sometime & let you know.

  2. Yes, Denise! I kept trying different ways because I hated adding ice to hot coffee and that watery effect. Instant coffee does the trick. VIA takes longer to dissolve, that’s why I like the dark roast Clasico best!

  3. Yo Quero Cafisto ahora. You rock. I was at a art exhibit here in Texas yesterday and saw some body skull painting but I still liked your Skulls so much better. Had a fun time. Have a wonderful week Kathy.
    Love and Glitter

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