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Coming this August – my first-ever Creativity Retreat!

This is a one-time exclusive event that I’ve always wanted to present, and now it’s really happening: An art AND creative business retreat! Some of the questions I’m often asked is “How can I do what you do?” and/or “How do you keep it all going?” That’s what this event is all about. Over the course of
2-½ days in the beautiful, peaceful setting of Big Bear Lake, I’m going to lead you through my creative and business process for blogging, branding, social media, book publishing, publicity and more. Each attendee will receive an action plan workbook, a journal, along with a personal consultation to help set you in the right direction. All of the materials and presentations will also be housed in digital form online, so you can access them after the retreat.

In addition, we’ll also have three art workshops.

I only have 15 spots for this retreat, first come, first-served! Because it is so limited, I really want to focus on attendees who have a creative business in motion. This retreat is not for recreational crafters, but for those who have a business in one way, shape or form. I’m so thrilled to turn this personal dream of mine into reality. This will truly be a bonding experience for all of us – a time to relax, really focus on our purpose for what we do, and how we can take it to the next level!

Inspirations at Big Bear is the perfect place for such a gathering. This unique retreat facility was created by Lorraine Taylor to be a place for people of like interest to come together for relaxation, creativity and fun. And those of you who have been on one of my cruises, know Lorraine, she is the one who got the Crafty Chica Cruise up and running for me!

CLICK HERE to download the application and flyer with all the details

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