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Creating in my studio is my time of bliss, and I try my best to make sure the setting is just right – that means it has to be clean, organized and most of all, it has to smell clean and fresh.  Scent has a powerful effect on my emotions and creativity! I thought it was so interesting that Glade® found that nearly 44% of people surveyed said that if they had to lose one of their senses, it would be smell! They also found that 81% of those people admitted that they think scent can have a positive effect on their mood.


I was sent a sample of each, and my favorite is the Glade® Spray Sheer White Cotton, which has the scents of honeydew, pear, and jasmine. I used one small spray in my art room and it just makes me feel better – clean and light! Just what I need to get me going. Especially when I’m ready to start fresh on a new project.

I also really like the “Liven Your Everyday” phrase. It inspired me to draw a little image to go with it. OK, so here are my tips on relaxing and allowing yourself to stop and smell the roses, so to say.


Here’s some ideas on how to Liven Your Everyday:

1. Take up doodling! Keep it simple and go with one pad of paper, a pencil, eraser and a thin black liner pen. Practice drawing faces or flowers. Don’t strive for perfection, just draw to release tension and to daydream!
2. Think about the phrase “Liven your everyday.” Write or doodle a list of ways that you can add some sparkle to your world, inside and out. For me, it’s about adding in a walk to my day to get exercise and clear my head.
3. Decorate something! If you aren’t into drawing, you can also get creative in other ways. Do you know I always trim my Glade® candles in my Crafty Chica papers?

4. Put on a bold statement earring, shirt, or lip color. It’s about making yourself feel strong. How you feel on the inside will soon exude on the outside! 

5. Do something nice for yourself! You probably put yourself at the end of the list, move yourself up today. Even if it’s after you do a couple things for others. Don’t wait til the end of the day or week. Pamper yourself now.  


Once I choose the scent I like, then I personalize the experience even more by decorating the jar with embellishments that make me happy. Grab your favorite candle and cover it with some card stock and begin adding your favorite power phrase or names of your loved ones. Let the good thoughts come out and onto your canvas. 



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