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DIY Loteria Pillow


This DIY Loteria pillow is one of my favorite projects. I love the look of the classic Mexican game, Loteria. It’s kind of like Bingo, except there are tables of pictures with riddles instead of just calling out numbers. The imagery is gorgeous, nd is always used in arts and crafts. So when iLoveToCreate came out with the new line of Tulip For Your Home stencils and I saw all the motifs, I knew I’d be making Loteria pillow! Click below to see how I did it – so you can too!

This is was my inspiration – La Rosa.



tulippillow supplies.jpg (1)

18″ x 18″ Pillow Cover
8″ Motif Stencil, rose
14″ large stencil, polka dots
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint
 Tulip® Paint Roller
Tulip® Stencil Spray Adhesive


1 bottle of Tulip One-Step Fabric Dye

bleach pen, painter’s tape
Wash and dry the pillow. Iron it and use the stencil spray on the back of the stencil and affix to the pillow. Use the bleach pen to fill in the holes. Let set for 10 minutes, then wash the pillow.
By the way, I think my dog wants to make this project, he sat and watched the entire time!
Mix the Tulip One-Step dye according to the package directions. While the pillow is still damp from washing, rubberband it. Add the dye and place it in a plastic bag to set for six hours, then wash and dry the pillow.
Iron the pillow. Apply the stencil spray to the back of the rose stencil and affix to the pillow. Now squeeze out some Tulip Soft Fabric Paint on a aper plate. Use the roller to apply the paint over the stencil.
The reason you want to do this is so that when you add the other color, it will look nice and vibrant!
Let’s add lettering!
Open your pack of Scribbles Alpha Stamps and before you use them, set out the letters so you will know how to space them before you add the paint.
I used La Rosa, here are some others you can use:
Lips: La Boca (mouth)
Butterfly: La Mariposa
Bird: El Pajaro
Flower: La Flor
Chandelier: La Luz (light)
Crown: La Corona
Use a sponge brush or pouncer to add paint the stamps and one-by-one press in place.

Gold-trimmed Sunnies

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