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Mirrored Jewelry Holder

OK, folks, we are going to get into some woodworking crafting today! And what better reason than for Mother’s Day? Jewelry holders and organizers are always around, but this one is better than the rest because it has a mirror incorporated into the design. The cool thing about making your own version is you can alter the layout of the wood to fit your preference – if you have a lot of earrings, make the screened area larger and so forth. Let’s get started!

This is what inspired this project – we received a Rockwell BladeRunner and wanted to try it out. We don’t have a wood shop area and were worried we wouldn’t have space, but this piece of equipment is portable and fits easily under a work table. There is something empowering about using power tools, you know?

Supplies for this project, just as we made it in the picture:
5 pieces of wood, cut to these sizes:
– 2 at 2-1/2″x19″
– 2 at 2-1/2″x11-1/2″
– 1 at 2-1/2″x17″

Corrugated nails
Wood glue
Spray paint in three colors
Painter’s tape
Knobs and other desired findings
Hooks for hanging
DAX silicone
12×12 mirror

Assemble the wood into the shape and layout you want. We did the 19″ pieces on the side, the 17″ on the top and the 11-1/2″ inside. Use the glue and nails to connect all the pieces of the frame. Let dry.

It should look like this when you’re done!


Now it’s time to paint! Use one color of spray paint (or you can mix it up however you want!), let dry. Then add the painter’s tape in assorted stripes and designs. Use a second coat of spray paint, this time in a different color. I went with metallic gold! Peel away the tape and let dry.


Now it’s time to add all the hardware so you can hang the jewelry! I used the Rockwell 3Rill, it works as a driver and a drill! Up until now I’ve been using a tiny handheld rotary tool for projects like this, but I think I’m ready to step it up! I also spray painted the knobs in a third color. Drill holes to add the screws and affix the knobs. I also added hooks at the top on both sides. And then the screen for hanging earrings. You could also string wire, or add the screen from the top for easier hanging.

And then the mirror! Set the frame front side down and set the mirror face down over the hole. There shouldn’t be any gaps. If there is, just go ahead and fill all the edges with the silicone. Smooth it out with your finger. Let it dry over night.

Your mirrored jewelry holder is ready for action!


Thank you so much to Rockwell Tools for letting us test drive these DIY toys! Make sure to visit them and say Crafty Chica sent you!
Rockwell Social Media Links
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RockwellTools
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RockwellTools
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/rockwelltools/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/rockwelltools

About the Rockwell BladeRunner: It blends performance characteristics of a jigsaw and benchtop scroll saw. This variable-speed saw with 5-amp motor, uses standard T-shanked blades to cut a variety of materials. Perform cross-cuts, angled and rip cuts all day. Includes T-slot and a miter gauge/rip fence combination. The BladeRunner includes 5 blades: metal, aluminum, ceramics, scroll and wood.

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15 thoughts on “Mirrored Jewelry Holder”

  1. I remember when I was very young, probably 8 or 9, my Dad took us shopping for Mother’s Day and I picked out a chunky silver necklace that looked like a snake. I really liked snakes, but my Mom, not so much. So, even though she was grateful for the the thought, she never wore the necklace. She kept it though, and years later when I was about 16, she gave it to me. And I literally wore that thing out! Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms, Step Moms and Surrogate Moms!!

  2. This is a Grandmas Jewelry story… My Great-Grandma Alyce Mariner used to have this beautiful jewelry box very ornate and victorian. I used to always watch her put on her clip on earrings and pin her lapels, those I could see laying in tge box… but out of nowhere she would whip out a necklace! I didn’t see any necklaces in there! I used to think she was magic like how the magician takes out a bunny from the top hat. I’d tell people too! One day she showed me her trick, there was a hidden compartment and she pulled an old navajo fetish necklace and said Ta – Da Nikki! She gave it to me and I still have it. Happy Mothers Day!

  3. You know, my Mom, loved earrings…..she wore them so well. She was a very beautiful Latin girl. But towards the end of her life, Alzheimers disease, and severe memory loss, made it increasingly difficult for her to wear jewelry. So often when I would style her platinum white hair, I always thought of those earrings, and regret not encouraging her to wear them. One of the first pair she bought for me when I was young were a pair of beautiful gold hoops……Love you Mom…..

  4. On several occasions I remember sitting with my mom and my grandmother going through their jewelry boxes hearing stories about different pieces. That magic wood box with several compartments always seemed like a great mystery and wonderful treasure trove to me. I remember when my husband bought my jewelry box for I felt like I accomplished something, I made it, I was a grown woman with my own jewelry box to hold all of my stories. Now I think about that day when I can sit down with my daughter and pass on those memories. Oh and forget Fathers Day, I want those tools for me!

  5. When I was vey young I would go with my parents to my grandparents house. While the adults played Monopoly I would spend hours untangling my grandmothers jewelry in her jewelry boxes . I would “fix” broken pieces & straighten everything out . I believe that is where my love of all things bling comes from. I love making jewelry ! Thank you Grandma !
    Also, I “liked” Rockwell Tools on Facebook!
    But not on Twitter because I just don’t understand Twitter.
    Live and learn !
    I do lust for power tools though !!!!!

  6. As a child I was obsessed with my Mother’s jewelry box and was forever going through it imagining that the items were mine. When I turned 18 my Mother surprisingly gave me my favorite piece and its forever been my favorite since.

  7. My sister and I used to dress my little cousin up as a girl and used all my moms jewelry. I still have some of her jewelry today.

  8. My best memory of my mom’s jewelry is when we visited Hawaii and opened oysters and ended up finding a big beautiful pear which integratedinto a pretty gold necklace. She has worn it everyday since! Follwed on fb,twitter and pinterest because I really want those amazing tools!

  9. My “Mom’s jewelry memory” goes back 45 years when I was 10 years old. I was looking through her jewelry box when I found a secret compartment that had a dark blue velvet bag inside. I remember carefully opening it and found a gorgeous bracelet with sapphires and diamonds. Not wanting my Mom to know that I had been in her jewelry box, I quickly put it back and never said a word about it. It wasn’t until a few years ago that she told me a story of being engaged before she met my Dad. She took out the bracelet and showed me for the first time. I never said a word about finding it as a child….it was just as beautiful as I had remembered!
    (I “liked” the Rockwell FB page)

  10. i really like this and im going to see if i can make some for my nieces and granddaughter.i think they will enjoy having a place to put thier jewelry and not to search in a drawer.thanks for all the cool ideas


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