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Mr. Owl T-Shirt

Do you love owls? If so, visit the craft store and gather up as many stencils you can find to create a fun shirt dedicated to owls! I think Princess Aurora would be proud! Remember she danced with Mr. Owl in the woods in Sleeping Beauty?

T-shirt, prewashed
Owl stencils
Fabric paint, white, and desired colors
Sponge pouncer
Cardboard for inside the shirt

Choose your stencils!

Slip the cardboard in between the shirt’s layers. Smooth any wrinkles with your fingers and peel off the backings from the stencils. Place on the shirt in your desired pattern.

Squeeze some white paint on a paper plate. Dab the pouncer in the paint and pounce up and down over the open stenciled area. Make sure to apply one thin layer, let dry and then another. You have to do this so that the other colors will show up nice and vibrant.

Now add other colors of paint on top of the white. Let dry and add another layer.

Peel away the stencils. Now you have clean, crisp lines and bright colors! You can wash them and save them to use on a future project.


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