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5 Tips for Adding DIY To Your Blog

5 tips for Adding DIY to Your Blog by CraftyChica and Pearmama. #WeAllGrow
5 tips for Adding DIY to Your Blog by CraftyChica and Pearmama. #WeAllGrow

Interested in adding DIY to your blog? You’ve come to the right place! As part of LatinaBloggersConnect‘s bi-weekly #WeAllGrow Google Hangout series, I joined up with Denise Cortes from Pearmama.com to present our top five tips! Hosted by Ana Flores, this 52-minute video is packed with our favorite ideas, experiences and resources.

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I shared these, and Denise shared some too. I’ll share mine here, than you can pop over to Denise’s blog to see hers!

Tip #1. Know the types of craft projects.
First of all, before anything, you have to love what you are making. Or at least the process and the idea of inspiring others. if you try to fake it just to score traffic, I personally don’t feel the magic will be there. My goal is to come up with projects that I’m excited about and will be shared and tried out! This can be hit or miss, because many times I like to add in projects I want to make just for the heck of it, they don’t fit in any topic. But it’s a good idea to rotate your projects to keep people coming back.
– Functional and useful, solving a problem. Example, this traveling iPad caddy!
– WOW projects. Extreme projects like the glittered floor or the stenciled walkway.
– Trend. This can get tricky, but pay attention to what is happening on YouTube, as well as in magazines. What are the new things that people are making. A good recent example is this plaster-dipped flower project. I saw flower pots like this at the store and noticed there was only one or two video tutorials. I went for it! Also, these plastic animals.
– Seasonal. right now we are in summer – think shorts, beach towels, totes, floppy hats, etc. After you think of the most obvious project, push further to come up with something different that maybe hasn’t been done before. Google to see what has been done so you can find your own twist! I did these fun rainbow shorts for the season and they were a hit! Also, don’t forget Dia de los Muertos! I put a twist on traditional pinata-making, and it helped score more views!
– Easy. Don’t kill yourself trying to reinvent the wheel. One of my most popular projects last year was putting notes inside a jar!
– Round-ups. Look for a common theme within your blog posts and create a round up. Like this! You can also look up month and day events and theme around that, like I did for National Dog Day.

Tip #2: Working with manufacturers
Every craft product you use has a company that makes it. If you have a favorite product you use faithfully, or one you tried and liked, contact them! Visit their Facebook page or tag them in a tweet or Pin. Let them see your work. I know at iLoveToCreate, we love to see what people are doing with all the products and often reach out to them to collaborate! In fact,t hat is how they heard about me, I used to also hot link their site when I used Tacky Glue. They tacked it back and contacted me! you can also visit their web site and look to see if they have a designer program.

Tip #3: Beyond the blog
There are a lot of opportunities to get your work seen. you can teach classes in your local area or online, make an eBook. Check out networks like Blueprint Social to get involved in blog hops and such. Think about ideas for a book based on your blog and projects. Pitch yourself to local morning shows to demo your best crafts. Do this on a regular basis!

OK, for the rest of the tips, visit Denise’s blog!

Special thanks to LatinaBloggersConnect for inviting us to co-host the #WeAllGrow session. Check back for the next installment, every other week they have a topic and experts to share info to help you be a better blogger!

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