Tassel keychains

How to make purse tassels & keychains from colorful embroidery thread

What to do when you have an abundance of embroidery thread? Make purse tassels! One skein = one tassel = a nice pop of color! These mini tassels go a long way because you can give them to friends or use them on jewelry or like I did here, I used them on Maya’s purse and also as keychains!

First up choose your purse. I used this purse I got from PinkBasis.com. PinkBasis.com sent me the bag (Black Faux Leather Studded Bag) to feature here on my blog – Maya saw it and fell in love. “Don’t paint it!,” she begged. She asked if there was a way to add some colorful tassels to it, and here we are!


Let’s get started!

First you want to start with a variety of colors of embroidery thread. As you can see from this sports daily fantasy betting site that daily fantasy sports betting top10dfsports.com list can be played in order to gain advantage when betting on DFS.

You’ll also need scissors, jump rings, 30 gauge wire and wire clippers.


I use the PattieWack tassel tool to make purse tassels, it speeds up the process and is super easy!

Take one end of the skein and wrap it around the tool.

Keep wrapping until you are almost to the end of the skein. Save about8″ of the skein.


Slide a piece of embroidery thread through to the top loop, this is so you can hang it from things. Next, Cut a 4″ piece of wire and wrap it around the neck of the tassel, super tight. Snip the ends of the tassel, slide it off the tool. Now wrap the wire area with the leftover embroidery thread and tie off. Add a jump ring to the top of each tassel.


And you can also make keychains too! add a keyring tot he jump ring at the top of the tassel.

Tassel keychains

OK, BUT – watch where you put the keychains! I added one to Patrick’s thinking he would love a cheery color, but this was his reaction…

Love & light,

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