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Current works-in-progress

'Get Your Life', copyright Kathy Cano-Murillo, 2014.
‘Get Your Life’, copyright Kathy Cano-Murillo, 2014.

I had to pause from daily craft design and blogging because I’m working on the most EPIC illustration project ever. I’ve been drawing and painting non-stop for the past two weeks. I like it when I push myself to make progress. It helps that Patrick is here to check over my work and offer helpful suggestions on everything from angles to shading to getting the perfect skin tone.

Here are some sketches! Basically, I’m drawing a lot of designs so I’ll have a lot to choose from. I’ll let you know how it all progresses! Special shout out to Sakura of America for hooking me up with an array of Micron pens in every size!


Oh! Check this out…Here are some cling stamp samples I had made. The company is called PhotocentricUSA (I couldn’t get their site to work today, otherwise I’d link it). They wrote me and asked for drawing samples to make sample stamps. I was in a hurry and sent over a few designs and wow, I love them. Didn’t they come out so cool? I’m excited to play with these and make some greeting cards! I’ve never been a big rubber stamper but I’m ready to dive in!


Here is another happy face moment: We just got first articles for the new Crafty Chica products coming to Michaels this fall! Here is a sneak peek of two of the items:

Well, that’s what I’ve been up to. I’ll be back to crafting very soon, until then, check out all the other projects I have here. OH!!! One more thing- I’m having my site redesigned! It’ll be much easier to navigate, everything will be sorted by category! Coming soon!

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  1. i want to take your sketches, transfer them and embroider them onto pillows or ????
    beautiful! i love the stamps, too!


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