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Tie Dye Rainbow Skull Shirt

Let’s make a DIY tie dye rainbow skull shirt! This is perfect for anyone searching for new tie dye patterns!

I hate to throw out leftover tie dye. After finishing a project recently, I looked at all the excess – every color! I remembered I had some plain white XL tees so I grabbed them and decided to experiment!

As with every tie-dye project, you’ll need to prep.

Wear plastic gloves and cover your work surface with a plastic table cover or trash bag.

Wash the shirts and remove them from the washer while they are still damp.

Set them on a plastic-lined table.


TIPS for the tie dye rainbow skull shirt

If you don’t want the dye to bleed through to the other side, insert a piece of cardboard and work on top of a bakers cooling rack.

You may want to use chalk to outline your design before you brush on the paint.

Speaking of brushing on the paint – you can use a soft long brush to apply the dye or carefully squirt from the fine-tip nozzle that is on the bottle.

You’ll want to let it dry for a few hours and then wash in cold water. The design will blur a bit but will pretty much stay intact.

TIP: Drawing on damp fabric vs. dry: If the fabric is dry, the dye will “roll” off in different directions. If it is slightly damp, it will grip the dye and go where you want. You don’t want sopping wet fabric because it will spread like crazy!

Ideas for your tie dye rainbow skull shirt:

Swimsuit cover up

Oversized loungey tee

Use a smaller design for a crop top

Apply to the back of a jeans jacket

Decorate a canvas tote bag

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