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How to Tie Dye Sneakers


Let’s tie dye sneakers!

Ever felt like taking some fabric dye to your crisp white shoes? Us too! My daughter, MayaInTheMoment, shows you how to tie-dye sneakers. You can use canvas shoes you already have or buy new ones. Make it a group project, or maybe even just a fun summertime craft!

This is the dye kit I use for all my tie-dye projects!

Tulip One-Step 12 Color Tie-Dye Kit Super Big

YouTube video

Click here to see the video!

How to tie-dye sneakers!

Make sure to wash your shoes first to remove sizing, let them air dry.

Then mix the dyes according to the package directions.

Instead of keeping the dye in the bottles, pour them in shallow bowls.

You’ll also need flat brushes.

How to tie-dye your sneakers! #craftychica #tiedye

Cover your work area with a trash bag, we’re working with DYE! It stains permanently!

Put on the plastic gloves.

Spray your shoes with water, this will help them absorb the dye.

Start painting with the dye!

Because the shoes are smaller than something like a shirt, you want to be precise with the placement. Therefore, use the flat brushes to dip in the dye then apply to the shoe. You can do waves or stripes or just color blocks!

Work with colors that blend well together – yellow and blue make green, red and blue make purple. If you add black next to any color it could turn out kind of muddy. Same with red and green together.

How to tie-dye your sneakers! #craftychica #tiedye

I love using yellow and hot pink because it creates a bright orange where the colors meet.

When you’re done, cover your shoes with plastic and let them sit for six hours.

How to tie-dye your sneakers! #craftychica #tiedye

Rinse under cold water until it runs clear.

And you are good to go!

And now you have colorful tie dye sneakers!

How to tie-dye your sneakers! #craftychica #tiedye

Let me know if you try this tie dye sneakers project!

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