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Q&A With LA Hair’s Anthony Pazos

Fans of the show, LA Hair, are in for a treat! Season Three just kicked off and wow – it has more sizzle than hair spray on a curling iron. Adding smoke to that sizzle is our favorite LA Hair receptionist-turned-stylist, Anthony Pazos. Actually, in real life, Anthony is a seasoned hair pro with his own salon and A-list client roster. We’ll get to that in a bit.


On screen, he’s known for pitching a fit or two (even breaking a fellow stylist’s shears), hey – it’s reality TV!

Photo from http://www.wetv.com/la-hair/galleries/biggest-blowouts-in-l-a-hair-history
Photo from http://www.wetv.com/la-hair/galleries/biggest-blowouts-in-l-a-hair-history

Off-screen he keeps it cool. I know first hand. Anthony is upbeat, funny, and very happy! Likely because his dreams are coming true, he’s a bonafide celebrity stylist. He’s backcombed everyone from Ashley Greene and the Kardashians to Leighton Meester, Gerard Butler and One Direction. This Latino break out TV-star’s only goal is make every client feel fabulous. He gives good bounce! I had the chance to catch up with the twenty-something hair guru and chat about what really goes on at Kim Kimble’s salon. Oh, and some brilliant hair care ideas too! New episodes of LA Hair can be seen every Thursday at 9 PM PT WE Network.

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KATHY CANO-MURILLO: Anthony, what do you think of the new season so far?
ANTHONY PAZOS: This season has been very interesting, lots of drama. I guess you could say I’m involved in the drama! We (the cast) all know collectively to create an entertaining show. When you’re shooting for three months straight, everyone’s stress level goes up. You wouldn’t believe…people…their claws come out! It’s crazy to deal with negative energy day in and day out. Off season it is very calm. We have a nice dysfunctional family. (chuckles)

Q: Even though you know it’s entertainment, how do you not let it get under your skin?
A: You can say, I won’t let it affect me, but it does. There is only so much you can take. You can ignore it, or not acknowledge it, or say ‘OK, I’m sorry you feel that way.” Sometimes you reach a point where you break. It seems to be the way reality shows are designed. I feel that if someone is giving you a hard time, and has horrible energy, you have to realize that at that moment, it really has nothing to do with you. It has to do with them. You have to have compassion for them and breathe through it. I do my best to walk away.

Q: What have been your best and worst moments so far?
A: Favorite moments are when I see my witty comebacks! It makes me feel good! And when people say, “Oh, Anthony, you are so funny, don’t ever change!” It makes me feel validated as a worthy human being. Just to give you backstory, I grew up gay and was used to being called (names), and I felt for a long time that I was never good enough, that it was wrong for me to be who I truly was. So when I read positive comments on my Twitter or Instagram feed, it makes me feel good about myself. It makes me feel happy that people see me for who I am.

On the opposite end – I don’t like it when, even though I’m pretty happy-go-lucky, when I allow myself to get down to other people’s levels when they are being cruel. I don’t like that the show can create that. But it is what it is. We are human, we all have our weak moments, its a balancing act. I keep reminding myself to be a positive person!

Q: Let’s talk hair!
A: OK, let’s!

Q: What is the best way to have success with a stylist?
A: Do your research. If they are a busy hair stylist, you know they are good. If you are out and about and see someone with a cut you love or color you love, ask them where they go. Don’t be afraid. When you do make your appointment, have a clear idea of what you want. Bring pictures. Your stylist will let you know if it will work or not.

Q: Is it bad to pretend you are happy with the cut, when really you hate it?
A: It’s ok to be honest with your stylist. If you’re not happy, talk to them about it. I know for me, at the end of the day, I want nothing more than for my clients to be happy. On the other end of that, I know some people don’t want to be happy. But remember you are paying, so be honest…and fair. Most of us want you to be happy! Know that even hair stylists have bad days every so often. Doing hair is an art form, you want the energy to be right. Make sure that you are doing your best to bring good energy to infect your stylist with that positivity! Not that it is your job, but it helps!

Q: I’m in my 40s with thick curly hair, how can I keep a fresh look?
A: Sleek and straight looks young and fresh. I love body and bounce, if you have thick hair, style it straight with lots of body and bounce! If you want to do a curl, keep it a loose wave. There is a difference between loose waves and curls. Loose waves are very natural. Sometimes tighter curls can look dated.

Q: What about when it comes to hair color?
A: Many women will use a base color, no problem. But I see a lot of women use only dark brown or black and their hair gets so covered with dark pigment that it looks like one solid color with no dimension. Dimension is really important. If you have dark black hair, add in some dark chocolate highlights. Dimension makes your hair look healthy and gives the illusion of shiny and youthful.

Q: What is your method for a solid blow out?
A: The common misconception that people have is that their normal Target or Walmart blow dryer will achieve a salon look. Here is the deal: Your stylist spends about $200 on their blow dryer because it supplies the hottest heat with the lowest air pressure. It’s great to have these tools at home, but learn how to use them so you don’t burn your hair. I suggest looking up blow-out videos on YouTube for hair tutorials that match your type of hair. But basically, to get the salon look at home, you’ll need one of those blow dryers.

Boar bristle brush from Ibiza.
Boar bristle brush from Ibiza.

Q: I use a ceramic brush, is that a yes or a no?
A: I use a boar bristle brush. I don’t like ceramic brushes, it’s like using a curling iron every day. Think of it this way – your brush is a tool. If the brush is ceramic, it retains heat and then you are putting heat on top of that with the blow dryer. It’s a double whammy of heat. I like a boar bristle brush because it is ‘hair shaping hair’ with one heat source. Boars bristle brushes are amazing, you can get a lot of bounce or you can use it to straighten your hair. I prefer this brand called Ibiza. A brush will run about $40-50 depending on size. If you have really curly hair, yes, you can use these to soften your waves!

Q: OK, I have to ask! Are you crafty?
A: You call it crafty, I call it artsy. I like being a MacGyver crafter. My sister liked this pair of $3,000 (French designer) shoes. She wanted them to wear to an event. I researched them online and found an exact replica in downtown L.A. for $13! Then I went to Michaels and found the right shade of red spray paint. I spray painted the bottom of those bad boys!

Q: What’s your best advice for Crafty Chica readers?
A: We are perfect the way we are! We have to keep loving ourselves!

Visit Anthony at his salon:
Anthony Pazos Salon
8000 Sunset Boulevard
Suite 39
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Don’t forget to check him out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Tell him Crafty Chica sent you!

Here is a video of Anthony giving some tips!

YouTube video

Click here if you can’t see the above video.

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