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DIY Coffee Station

DIY Coffee Station by CraftyChica.com.
DIY Coffee Station by CraftyChica.com.


I’m a coffee snob. Patrick chuckles at me every morning as I whip together my daily concoction. Now that I’m a Coffee-Mate ambassador, we have a LOT of Coffee-Mate action going on. That’s because I always mix it up to launch my day in a happy zone. But here is a twist to my routine – Maya is now drinking coffee every morning too and she has her own recipes that are way different than mine. The result? Our condiment table in the kitchen has become a coffee ingredient construction zone. I decided to take charge and revamp that business into a java-friendly serving area. Below is a picture of what it looked like before – and I’m only showing a snippet because I’m embarrassed for you to see the rest. I have scruples, you know!



See? It was one big hot mess. Are those sparklers I see? And pancake syrup? Cupcake liners? Really? Who put those there?



First I cleaned everything off and scrubbed away the disrespect.


To set a good vibe, I made a painting to hang over the area. Because we all know coffee is magical, right?


Next it was time to load in the goods.


Here’s my rundown:

– Raw sugar (in a jar, AND on the shelf I a box of packets for travel).

– Agave nectar for when I’m feeling saucy!

– Nescafe Clasico Dark Roast (super strong instant, I don’t do a coffeemaker)

– Coffee-Mate Powdered: I usually use liquid Coffee-Mate that I keep in the fridge, but I also keep powered  hand in case of the apocalypse (ie: we run out of liquid creamer). I want to be ready! Plus, Patrick prefers powdered creamer to liquid.

– Various mugs and cups for iced coffee. I never know from day to day which I’ll want, so I make sure to always have both washed and ready for use!

– Cute straws for iced coffee.

– Spoons, mints and coasters.


Taa daa! Now all our family can have all our coffee needs at our fingertips, perfectly organized! Now the challenge is to see how long it will stay this way!



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8 thoughts on “DIY Coffee Station”

  1. Well I have to say that adding sparklers to ones morning cup o’joe is one way get an extra jolt! I also say that instant coffee….no….just NO……but to each his own. I love love love the simple but awesomeness of your coffee cup painting. It really anchors the space and looks cool. Well done. Much more fun to make coffee concoctions

  2. Kathy, the coffee station is AWESOME. I love it. And now I’m dying to try the Nescafe Instant coffee. That might make my coffee snob life much easier. And I think the old space was fun. Love the sparklers.I love, love, super love the picture. Now I want one in my house. Good job girl. You always have the best info.

  3. Cute! I never would ‘ve thought of this. I used to tell my students that “my boyfriend is Mr. COFFEE. He’s not too tall, but he’s dark and he’s handsome—no—more than handsome—he’s HOT! And he’s always there for me. And he never talks back to me!”
    They’d crack up. Then they’d always get me coffee items for Christmas. Hee hee. I guess it stuck in their head how much I love my cafecito!
    Kathy I got my Pier 1 Import prize in the mail. I was so happy!
    I even called my mom to tell her! It felt like winning the big lotto! Muchisimas Gracias, amiga! I am so grateful. So nice to win! ♡

  4. Beautiful idea! I have a coffee machine but lately I have to be quite or I will wake up my sweetie so I go to instant lately for cafe. I have a canvas but I am not a artist. Is there a template for the coffee mug I could use? I want to paint now a design for my coffee station. Viva Cafesito! Bernadette


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