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Summer Tips from HGTV’s Kelly Edwards


Kelly Edwards from HGTV’s Design on a Dime is working with Waterpik on the launch of the new SprayShaper™ EasySelect® Fixed Mount Shower Heads. I was asked to send in questions for Kelly, and she answered them in a personal video for all of you Crafty Chica readers! I think that is a really cool way to promote both Kelly and her new book, as well as Waterpik’s new product. I happily agreed to join in the party. OK, on to the interview!

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My questions and her tips:

1. I asked how you use the summer to plan ahead for fall. She had a ready smart point-of-view. She said one fall comes, so do the holidays, which means company, busier schedules, etc. She said to use summer to upgrade your bathroom with odds and ends. New textiles, maybe a new shower curtain or shower rod and then she went into the SprayShaper™ EasySelect® Fixed Mount Shower Head. It’s a great way to give your bathroom a little spa makeover because the head is adjustable to where you can leave it wide for a full spray, or fold in the moveable panels for a more concentrated effect, in total it has six options. A customizable shower!

SprayShaper™ EasySelect® Fixed Mount Shower Heads
SprayShaper™ EasySelect® Fixed Mount Shower Heads

Waterpik was kind enough to send me a sample for review and my husband is barely installing it this weekend, so look forward to my feedback on that! 

2. I asked for design tips to bring good energy into your home. She said design your home so YOU will love it, not to impress anyone. She also stressed to clear the clutter and to bring life into your home – a big fig tree or an area with plants. I love it when she talked about creating a moveable garden on wheels, that sounds like a great DIY project!

3. I asked her how to keep a house clean now that the kids are home for summer? LOVE her idea of having each kid take a laundry basket with their names on it, and have them pick up their things at the end of the day. Great idea! I wish I could train my doggies to do that!

Here is Kelly’s book, The Design Cookbook: Recipes for a Stylish Home!


And thank you so much to Waterpik for this opportunity, I’m really excited to try the SprayShaper and report back to all of you how I liked it!


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