Watercolor Paper Earrings


Here is my method for making two dozen earrings from a sheet of watercolor paper! It’s a great process if you need promo items or don’t  have a lot of money to spend on fancy supplies. We’re talking old school crafting! Paper, paint and glue!

I love to make these for events or for store orders.

For this batch, I used Frida images because I made these for a Phoenix Frida event giveaway. Normally, I would use my own images/artwork.



-Watercolor paper

– Paint

– Pictures cut in 1-inch circles

– Scissors (or electronic cutting machine)

– White craft glue

– Earring hooks

– Needle nose pliers


1. Paint a sheet of watercolor paper with acrylic paint, watercolors, spray paint or even markers. Let dry and paint the other side.


2. You can use a circle template to draw and then cut out the 1.5-inch circles, or if you have an electronic cutting machine like me, use that.


4. Use a 1-inch punch or a circle maker to cut out pictures.

5. Glue the pictures on the paper circles.

6. Add painted embellishments.

7. Add varnish if desired.



8. Use a thick safety pin to poke a hole at the top of each circle and add the earring hook.

Variations: – Instead of gluing pictures, use pens to draw designs on the circles. – Paint designs all over the watercolor paper before cutting. – Instead of watercolor paper, recycle old concert postcards, the heavy glossy kind work best! – You can also use cereal boxes, any lightweight paper or cardboard!

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