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100+ Day of the Dead Craft Ideas

Day of the dead craft ideas

Here are 100+ Day of the Dead craft ideas for you to try. I’ve gathered these from my own projects, as well as from around the web, and from friends of mine!

I love this tradition so much – it’s all about celebrating the cycle of life!  I’ll be adding to this list, check back often!

About Dia de Los Muertos – Day of the Dead

Before we start making crafts, let’s learn about the tradition. Here are some articles I wrote to help you!

History Behind Dia De Los Muertos

Elements of a Dia de Muertos Ofrenda

Three Facts About Sugar Skulls

25 of the BEST Day Of The Dead crafts for kids

Thank you for checking out these links. Throughout the years, we’ve really pushed the educational aspect of the holiday. We don’t want people to think it is only about cute sugar skulls and such. We really want to make sure people understand the history, the culture, the customs, the food – and the cute skeletons!

A Dia de Los Muertos short story

Feel like reading a bit of fiction? check out my short story with a Dia de Los Muertos theme!

100+ Day of the Dead craft ideas:


Free Printables for Dia de Los Muertos crafts:

Free Day of the Dead Coloring Pages

FREE PRINTABLE: Sugar Skull Paper Banner

Ofrenda Prayer Candles + Free Sugar Skull Printable

History of La Catrina + Free Muertos Printable

The Meaning of Marigolds for Dia de Los Muertos + Free Printable


Day of the Dead craft ideas: Candles

Whipped clay prayer candles by Crafty Chica.

DIY Day of the Dead Prayer Candles – Whipped Clay!

Day of the Dead Candelarias

Cookie Cutter Candles

Painted Wood Candlesticks

Embossed Tin Prayer Candles


Day of the Dead craft ideas: Food

Day of the Dead Skull Cakes


Sugar Skull Apple Slice Pops

Day of the Dead Conchas

Sugar Skull Caramel Apples

Skull Gorditas con Red Chile

Amazing Cakes

Faux Mexican Pastries

Pan Dulce Toppers

Calaca Cakes


Day of the Dead craft ideas: Sugar Skulls

Day of the Dead craft ideas

How to decorate plastic sugar skulls

25 ideas for sugar skull crafts

Calaca Cakes

How to Make and Decorate Sugar Skulls

White Chocolate Sugar Skulls

How to Make a COCO-inspired Cake w/ VeroSweetHobby

Sugar Skull Empanadas

 Skull-shaped Sugar Cubes with Mark Montano

Plaster of Paris Skulls

Traditional Sugar Skulls


Day of the Dead craft ideas: Ofrendas, small shrines

Day of the Dead craft ideas

Muertos Shrine in a lantern!

Muertos Shrines on a Stick

How to make a wood shrine base

Matchbook Shrines

Dia de los Muertos Fiesta

DIY Record album shrines

Melted Plastic Shrines

Cigar Box Shrine


Day of the Dead craft ideas: Marigolds

Day of the Dead craft ideas

Tissue Paper Marigolds

How to make a sugar skull marigold centerpiece

The Meaning of Marigolds for Dia de Los Muertos + Free Printable

Glittered Tissue Flower Tutorial


Day of the Dead Craft Ideas: Face paint y mas

Day of the Dead craft ideas

10 Sugar Skull facepaint tutorials

How to “Sugar Skull” Your Online Portrait

Coco-inspired Sugar Skull Earrings

Jewelry to Make for Dia de Los Muertos

Sugar Skull Nail Ideas

Crafty Chica’s Glitter Tattoos

Jeshua and Maya’s Face Paint tutorial

Face Paint for Kids by Pearmama

Face paint, champurrado, altar by MuyBuenoCookbook

Dia de Los Muertos Ribbon Bracelet Tutorial

Sugar Skull Necklace

21 Ways to  Make a Skull Shirt

La Muerte Hat and Face Paint

Sugar Skull Applique Shirt

Mini-Calavera Hair Clips

Sequin Skull Tiaras

Skull Applique Shoes

Sugar Skull Stretchy Bracelet with Tarina Tarantino

DIY Dollar Store Skull Shirt

Sugar Sequin Hair Clip with @StudioLongoria

Shrink plastic earrings

Skully Pin

Sugar Skull Art Apron

Corpse Bride Costume

Mask on a Stick

Wacky Rhinestone Day of the Dead Earrings!

Recycled Newspaper Pin

Resin Skull Bracelet

Batik-inspired Skull Tote

Felt Flower Headband Hat

 Skull Princess Crown

Cycle of Life Face Painting

Dia de los Muertos Charm Bracelet

Ribbon Skull Bracelet!


Dia de Los Muertos craft ideas: Decorations

Day of the dead craft ideas

Ghost Painting – but make it Dia de Muertos

Day of the Dead Barbie DIY

Felt Calaca Banner

Mini Sugar Skull Piñata DIY

Day of the Dead Craft: Reverse Glass Painting 101

Easy Ways to decorate for Dia de Los Muertos

How to paint a muertos mural on your front porch

Faux Fur Sugar Skull Pillow

Muertos Pumpkin Shadow Box

Sugar Skull Piñata

Día de Muertos crafts

Doodled Sugar Skulls

Dia de los Muertos Bottle People

Muertos Fused Ceramic Trays

Muertos Ceramic Platter

Muertos Fiesta Pillowcases

Sugar Skull Pinatas (round two)

Muertos Ceramic Mugs

Skull Planters

Sugar Skull Piñata

Mini-Silkscreen Party Favors

Glittery Skull Note Holders

Felt Banner

Glittered Memory Ornaments

Shimmery Skeleton Shadow Box

Skull bookmarks

Sugar Skull Spring Eggs

Wire and Clay Sculpture

Soft Sculpture Skull

Reverse Glass Painting

Colorful Calaveras

Papel Picado

Papel Picado Luminarias

La Calavera Box


Dia de Los Muertos paper craft ideas

Day of the Dead craft ideas

How to Make a Libro de las Calaveras for Day of the Dead

La Catrina Glittery Greeting Card

Twirling Skull Ornament

Sugar Skull Stencil with Gel Medium – paper arts and cardmaking

Ofrendas eBook

Sugar Skull Paper Rosettes

Muertos Gift Box Party Favors

Cereal Box Shadow Puppets

Art Collage


Round up of Day of the Dead craft ideas.


Here are some articles to help you learn more about Dia de Los Muertos:

5 Ways Latin Americans celebrate

History of the tradition

It’s NOT Mexican Halloween!

Dia de los Muertos is a long-standing tradition in our family. Granted – not the family I grew up with, I didn’t really learn about this wonderful Mexican holiday until after Patrick and I married. That was years ago, and every year since, we’ve honored our loved ones during this time of the year.

I was an ambassador for Disney Pixar COCO movie! I went on the press junket and wrote a few stories!

10 Facts About Day of the Dead & How Disney Pixar’s Coco Incorporated Them

5 Exciting Things to Know About Disney Pixar’s Coco Movie

I hope you loved these Day of the Dead craft ideas! Let me know if you make any of them!

100= Ideas for dia de Los Muertos by CraftyChica.com.

YouTube video

Gilded Butterfly Ornaments

Puffy Paint Pencils


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  1. You do really good work! I try but my skill level is not advancing. I’m In San Antonio and I’m looking for lessons either online or in person.Can you help?


  2. It it considered cultural appropriation/offensive if I wear catrina face paint on Halloween ? It would be inspired by the character La Muerte on the movie The Book of Life. I have learnt and read about dia de los muertos and would like to celebrate it, but there are no processions near me. I am Brazilian living in the US,and that’s why I ask if it would be offensive to wear that as a costume for Halloween. In Brazil we also celebrate the day of the dead, but its more sad than festive.

    • They are two very separate holidays, but since La Muerte is a character from a movie, you are going as the character! But at the same time, you can tell people how Dia de los Muertos begins at midnight on Nov 1st! And wear the facepaint again for the muertos festivities!


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