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Easy Silk Ribbon Flowers

Easy silk ribbon flowers by crafty chica.

Earlier this year, May Arts sent me a huge box of silk ribbon to use on the Crafty Chica cruise. This is the project we made! Easy silk ribbon flowers! These flowers have a flat back so you can sew or glue them on to whatever you want – hairbands, gift boxes, pictures frames. You can even make super tiny ones for earrings or rings. And, wouldn’t they look so pretty for a wedding – there are lots of ways to use them!


The ribbon is so light and gorgeous. Very classy and silky. It makes the sexiest ruffles you’ve ever seen! I decided to go with the thicker ribbon to make these flowers.

You’re going to need silk ribbon, felt, Aleene’s Fabric Fusion Peel N Stick Sheets, and scissors. That’s it!


Cut a square of felt about 2″x2″ – then cut a circle from the Fabric Fusion sheets, peel off one side of the backing and place it in the center. Then peel away the top layer of backing. Cut a piece of ribbon about 12″ long and starting on the outside of the circle, press it into the adhesive, making a little ruffle every so often. This will give your flower body and fluff!


It’s going to look something like this. Trim the edges of the felt, and see how the center of the flower looks a little weak? We’re going to fix that right now.


Roll up a tighter, smaller flower and add a dab of glue or adhesive sheet to the bottom and secure it in the center of the flower.


See? Much better!


You can mix and match the colors as much as you want, and make the flowers as large and small as you want!


Special thanks to May Arts for the beautiful silk ribbon!


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  1. this may be my all time favorite ribbon and I’m not just saying that because I am a May Arts Ribbinista! it comes in fab colors and makes such beautiful roses and soo many other things. super cute !


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