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‘End of Summer’ Happy List



How did I survive the crazy Phoenix temperatures this summer? With a little help from my friends. These are some items that came across my desk in the past couple months that really grabbed my attention. It’s one of the fun things about being a blogger, you get to try out all kinds of goodies! Sometimes I scratch my head and say “wha??” Other times I’m like, “Okay. I love this!” And many times, I’ll include things I discovered in my daily adventures that I want to share. And all those items make what I call The Happy List!

1. Fake Bake Mistifier. This is a four-ounce aerosol can of misty lotion. It’s more like hydration spray.  It’s light and silky and really came to the rescue during the hot Arizona months. So much that my daughter kept “borrowing” it, every time I wanted to use this I had to go search for it in her room. That’s a coveted product right there!

2. Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project. I think in my other life I was a talent scout. I love discovering new bands and giving them advice from the sidelines. I grew up with headphones practically glued to my ears, and these days with all the “branding” going on,  I get how it all fits together. That’s what this show is about. Led by the amazing Linda Perry, a group of younger music artists are put to the test. This isn’t your typical relaity show, it has so much heart and no gimmicks. Linda cuts to the bone with her precise direction in both music and life. Not only will you pick up some branding tips, but you’ll hear some talented singers and a few life lessons too. VH1, Wednesdays, or you can watch full episodes here.

3. Croissant Donuts by Jack in the Box. For shame, for shame. i don’t care. I love these and I will shout that from the rooftops! If you’ve heard of the “cronut” trend, but can’t make it to the Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City, here’s a quick and easy fix. At $1.99 for a trio of these minis, you can buy up a batch and drizzle them at home with espresso sauce, caramel or whipped cream!

4. Modify Watches. These are so cool, they are like Swatches, only better. These watches are sold by the band and watch face component and can be mixed and matched. You simply pop out the watch portion and replace it with another design. There are a slew of designs, glittered goodies and more, the bands are made of silicone. One watch will set you back about $50.

5. CaliMojo Color Changing Sandals. I thought these would be perfect for Arizona, considering all the sun we have. These sandals have UV color in the straps. Inside they are one hue, step outside and they change to a completely different color! I like the straps on these compared to traditional flip-flops. They are like gourmet flip-flops and fun to wear!


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