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Golden Organizer & Tool Chest



Back-to-school season is in full swing. We have one kid in college, so life isn’t as crazy as it used to be when DeAngelo and Maya were younger. One thing I remember that we always needed was a central organizer with all kinds of items like paper clips, staples, tacks, sticker, erasers, rubber bands, change, etc. Another thing was a crafty tool box for scissors, glue sticks, cardstock – all the those elements you need at the last minute for school projects.

I found some sturdy organizers and tool boxes at Lowe’s, but I didn’t like that they so…gargageish? So I gave them a classy makeover with gold and silver spray paint. Wow, what a difference!



Homak 19.875-in W x 10-in H x 6.25-in D Plastic Bin

Blue Hawk 16.02-in Lockable Multicolor Plastic Tool Box

Blue painter’s tape

Gold and Silver Spray Paint


1. Remove all the tags and wipe down the surface so it is clean and dry. Then add tape where you don’t want the spray paint to go. I went with gold and silver, so I taped off the sections.

The trick to spray painting is to spray in long even strokes, give it one coat, let dry and add a second, then a third coat.


Here is my gold organizer, so pretty!!! I even sprayed the inside, making sure not to make it too take so the drawers would easily slide back in.


Here is the finished look. Now if you want it for your kinds room, you could use colorful spray paint colors, and even white markers to doodle all over it.


I even painted the inside of the tool box! I know it will wear down after use, but I can just spruce it up with another coat of paint if I wanted!

Thanks for checking out my project!
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  1. OMG! I have 2 of those organizers in an ugly blue I just keep ignoring because they’re so ugly. LOL. Love the gold! I now have a weekend mission.

  2. I love these. I love all the plastic storage containers but hate the look and mixed colors throughout my room. This will definitely bring things up a level or two.


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