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Metal-Stamped Affirmation Pendants

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I’m giving away one of these Metal-Stamped Affirmation Pendants every week! Before I go into the tutorial to make them, let me explain the giveaway…I had a glitch and had to reset my web site and I lost ALL my daily subscribers. Yah, total ugly cry when I first realized it. At the same time, I happened to be making these fun metal-stamped necklaces and decided to make wearable lemonade, right?

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OK, now let me show you how to make the pendants!

Special thanks to Margot Potter for the help and all the supplies I used can be purchased from Impress Arts!

If you love metal stamping and want to learn more – you must check out Margot’s site: I Can Make Metal Stamped Jewelry!




affirmation-necklace3 My first tip is to line up all your letters in order so they are easy to find. Use the tape to secure your blank to the block. Line up the tape where you want to stamp, because you’ll use it as a guide as to where to line up your letters. Make sure you  have the letter stamp facing the correct way – practice first. Then set it in place and give it a good hit with the hammer. Maybe two! affirmation-necklace4 Once you’re done, squirt some Puffy Paint and rub it into the grooves of the letters, then wipe away the paint with the scrap piece of cloth. Let dry, then rub away any leftover residue. affirmation-necklace7 If you want to add a bit of sparkle use some Liquid Fusion and Glam It Up Crystals! metal-stamped-affirmation-pendants

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