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Gilded Butterfly Ornaments



We’re celebrating Christmas in August! This week I’m part of the Quintessentially Christmas Blog Hop for Ice Resin and IndigoBlu! Our challenge was to come up with a dazzling holiday decoration that incorporates both products. I had these pretty butterflies, so I decided to give them a makeover!

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Supplies: Butterflies, IndigoBlu Flakes and accessories, glitter, Tacky Glue, Rue Romantique Bezels and Ice Resin.


Apply the adhesive to the applicator and pounce on the butterfly. You can cover the whole thing or just the edges.



Work over a box to catch all the flakes. Press them onto the wet glue and let set for a few minutes. Then use a sponge or dry brush to remove the excess flakes. Pour the extra flakes back in the jar.



It’ll look like this. Next you want to make the little resin charms to go on each one!


Work over a piece of wax paper. Cut an image to fit inside the bezel and make sure the picture is on glossy paper. If it isn’t glossy paper, you’ll need to coat it with Tacky Glue and let it dry. Add a layer of glue to the inside of the bezel, then pour on the glitter! Let dry and tap away excess. Glue the image in place.  Mix the Ice Resin and coat the bezel. Let it set, then add a dab more so it domes.


For this butterfly, I coated all of it with the flakes. I like that you can see some of the color show through! Use a wire to affix the pendant to the butterfly. Use a long enough piece of wire so you can hang them from the tree. Hang and enjoy!

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24 thoughts on “Gilded Butterfly Ornaments”

  1. Absolutely stunning and what a great idea! Butterflies seem to be very in this “Christmas”! Thanks so much for sharing this interesting project. Sue of Worcester

  2. Love gilding although I don’t use it often enough! This is such a great idea combining the butterfly with the resin pendant, beautiful!

  3. You are one crafty Chica, that’s for sure. The butterflies are gorgeous. Thank you for the great tutorial. Love the pictures you chose for your lovely bezels, too!


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