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Here is my latest project for ICE Resin – I had the best time whipping this up. I used a variety of papers and for the cover, I poured out a cup of ICE Resin and sprinkled glitter. You can see the full tutorial in my post over on the ICE Queen blog!

Have you ever had the desire to just pour out a whole cup of ICE Resin® to make one big sheet? That’s what happened to me, except I also added in some Art Mechanique™ German Glass Glitter too! I poured it over a sheet of wax paper and let it set overnight. The next day, I cut it to 4×4″, and cut up a bunch of scrap paper to fit. I lined them all up and drilled two holes at the top and wrapped pink and teal wire.  I added some ribbon and another charm I made with one of my drawings and ICE Resin® too! Now I have a little book that I can use for my Instagram photos, or for sketches, quotes, anything I want. I think I’ll also make a few more to give to friends!
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