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Review: Ellipsis7 Tablet by Verizon


I’m an official Verizon influencer! That means each month I’ll review a Verizon product. I love art and writing, but I couldn’t get it all out there if it wasn’t for my love for technology. From mobile blogging to filtering photos to live streaming, I do all of it. I really enjoy checking out all the cool products on the market and am excited to be able to share them here on a regular basis! You can follow my (and other Verizon influencers) Verizon tweets by checking out the hashtags #VZWBuzz and @MoreAZ.

OK, first up is this Ellipsis7 tablet! I do have an iPad Mini that I’ve been using for years, I’ve never tried another tablet until now.

PROS: This little 7″ tablet, exclusive to Verizon, is lightweight and perfect for watching movies, playing games or using photo apps. It’s fast (features 4G LTE) and great for surfing the web. I like that the speakers are on the front of the tablet, makes for clear sound. I’ll end up using this tablet with all my traveling for sketches, note-taking, plus watching movies and TV shows. And 4,000 amp battery life – awesome!

CONS: The camera for photos and video is sweet, but not the best I’ve experienced for taking high res blog pictures- it doesn’t have flash. But it’s handy for everyday use, food pics, friends, selfies, family, all of that. I do like all the different camera options it offers to make pictures fancy. 🙂

Overall: Aside from the camera, it’s an affordable tablet (it’s actually FREE right now with a 2-year contract) that has a variety of uses.


GIVEAWAY: I’ll be giving this tablet away in the coming weeks as part of the Crafty Chica tour, so stay tuned!

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