Abuelita Pancakes

This month for my Coffee-mate Ambassador post, I’m bringing you a recipe from my husband, Patrick. Just the same as me, he was too excited for the new Latin-themed flavors –  Abuelita® Mexican Chocolate and La Lechera® Dulce de Leche. These are so tasty, they lend for a lot of recipe ideas! While I opt to put them in my iced coffee – just a splash works for me – he created an entire breakfast menu around them! Mainly the Abuelita!



Pancake mix



Abuelita® Mexican Chocolate Coffee-mate


Follow the directions on the pancake mix and sub out the milk for the Abuelita Mexican Chocolate Coffee-mate. This will create a heavier pancakae, so if you want it lighter, add a bit of water to thin out the mixture.



Fold in some crushed walnuts!


Spoon onto a non-stick griddle. Let them cook on one side until the edges are brown, then flip and cook on the other side.


Now, once they are done, you have options. I liked them plain with a bit of butter and syrup. But Patrick? He laid on the whipped cream, he even drew an “A” for Abuelita! Then he drizzled on some Abuelita chocolate syrup too.



Be sure to check out the Coffee-mate Tumblr page! You’ll find gobs of recipes and fun graphics! and you can follow the hashtag #LiveLifeLatin on Twitter to see all the other ambassador’s posts too!


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