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4 Weeks with Neutrogena Visibly Even

Four weeks after using *Neutrogena® Visibly Even® Moisturizers and BB Cream. It is supposed to brighten your skin. I just feel proud that I stuck to a cleansing/moisturizing routine for four weeks!

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I heard about the Neutrogena Visibly Even product line and was curious. It’s supposed to brighten your skin and help even out the coloration. I hate that without make-up, my eyes are darker underneath than the rest of my skin. So when I heard about this campaign to try it out, I signed up!

I’m very much a mix and match chica. I have a variety of face washes and creams, and vowed to stick with this line for four weeks! For starters, instead of using make-up wipes, I switched to washing with the Visibly Even® Foaming Cleanser every night. It contains Vitamin C and Essential Soy® – it is dermatologist tested and the soy acts as a natural skin brightener. I like that it gently exfoliates and leaves my faces feeling tingly clean.

During the day, I’m inside the house and don’t wear make-up or even add any kind of face cream. I changed my habit and used the Visibly Even® Daily Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 30 every morning. It has Superior Helioplex® Technology and protects against skin-damaging UVA rays to help prevent future dark spots from forming. I had no idea that the whole time I’m crafting, dark spots are forming under my skin! Ack!

When I did go out, I used the Visibly Even® BB Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30 under my make-up. Honestly, I never knew what BB cream was until now. It’s pretty awesome – it acts as a moisturizer and a primer and with the Essential Soy®, also helps brighten skin over a period of four weeks.


Bottom line? By being faithful to the application process daily, I really did notice my skin had a nice overall glow, and never a dry or blotchy moment! These are pictures of me with the BB cream underneath my make-up and my own foundation on top, no concealer at all. I’m happy I tried the Neutrogena Visibly Even line, I’m definitely going to stick with it!

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