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DIY Skull barrettes using patches

Day of the Dead craft: DIY Skull barrettes

DIY Skull barrettes using patches – because why not?


I designed the Crafty Chica appliqué packages to have one big skull and two mini ones, but they are currently out of production. So what to do? You can use any kind of mini-patches.

Day of the Dead craft: DIY skull barrettes
See the bottom left red patch, that is my design now being sold on Amazon by who knows who…

Here’s a little TMI story about these patches

This specific Crafty Chica skull patch was a top seller and eventually it became pirated and placed on everything from Halloween costumes to clothing items. And now I just found it on Amazon. That is what suck about the licensing business, sometimes a piece of art will become stolen and mass produced. 

I’m going to use these skull appliques instead,I like how they already have sparkle built in!

You can even make your skull barrettes using patches from fabric! 

Idea 1: Use designed fabric, cut out a motif of a skull and stitch it to felt so it will be sturdy, then glue to the barrette.

Idea 2: Start with canvas fabric, draw and paint your skull, stitch to felt and glue to the barrette or hair clip.

Supplies for skull barrettes using patches:

Small appliques

e6000 craft glue

Small hair clips or barrettes

Grip clips or clothes pins (you can find these at the dollar store)


Wax paper

Directions for DIY Skull barrettes:

Sand the top of the barrette, this will give it grip for glueing.

Add a small piece of wax paper between the barrette so it won’t become glued together.

Center your applique on top of the barrette and then add glue.

Use the clip to hold it in place as it dries.

How did you like this DIY Skull barrettes idea? Does it make you want to go make or buy patches?

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