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“There’s a Lizard in My Hair!” Clip


My friend, Laura Kelly, has a new product line out through Sizzix called “Pet Shop Die-Cut Fash Cards.” They are specifically for classrooms and education, but they also lend well to all kinds of creative projects! She was kind enough to send me a sample pack so I could join her blog hop this week!


The first thing I noticed was the lizard. I have a lizard story and if you’ve followed my blog for a long time, you may remember me sharing it. Here’s how it goes:

In one of the houses we rented many years ago, one day Patrick and I were cleaning out the detached shed in our backyard. It was old and creepy in a hillbilly cannibal sort of way. I was hurrying on cleaning it the best I could (we had just rented it) and I got the heebie jeebies so I went back in the house to clean the kitchen. A bit later as I scrubbed the grease off pots and pans, I felt someone pull my hair. I quickly turned around and yelled, “HEY!” – but no one was there.

I went back to doing the dishes and it happened again only harder! I freaked. I didn’t have a logical explanation of how my hair could just be tugged like that at random. Within seconds I came to the conclusion that our house must have been haunted by a ghost who didn’t like my big hair. I ran to Patrick in a panic.

“Help! There’s a ghost in the kitchen! It’s pulling my hair! Let’s move from this house immediately, it’s haunted!”

Patrick looked at me in a questionably concerned, yet loving way. Being the critical thinker that he is, he told me calmly to sit down in front of him. He rifled his fingers through my hair as if he was searching for a quarter that had been dropped in some grass.

“Ooooohhh, it’s a baby lizard,” he cooed. “Poor thing. He’s scared, he’s trying to escape, he’s tangled in your hair.”

I realized the lizard must have fallen into my hair as I cleaned the shed. I guess if I were lost in a massive forest of black wirey stuff, I’d try to escape too. Tugging and pulling, whatever it too. Patrick picked up the scissors and the little guy loose and set him free in the backyard. 

So this “THere’s a Lizard in my Hair!” tutorial is dedicated to that baby lizard, wherever he may be!



Laura Kelly Pet Shop Die Cuts – the lizard!

Glittered fabric

Aleene’s® Jewelry & Metal Glue Acrylic Adhesive Tabs


Hair pins, combs or clips

Directions: Use Aleene’s® Fabric Fusion® Peel & Stick Sheets™ on your fabric before you run it through the die machine. Then peel off the liner backing and press onto the glittered fabric. Cut out around the shape and use the adhesive tabs to affix to the clip.

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And check back next Friday to read my Q&A with Laura about licensing, doodling, creativity and more!

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