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Sugar Skull Appliqué Shoes

Sugar Skull Applique Shoes

We all need a pair of sugar skull applique shoes, right? I love it when I find flats on sale at the shoe store. They offer so much craftability!

I scored this camo set and decided to use my Crafty Chica sugar skull appliqués on them. However, these days, this specific design is out of production, but there are others you can use. 

I’m going to use these skull appliques instead,I like how they already have sparkle built in!

You can even make your sugar skull appliqué from fabric! 

Idea 1: Use designed fabric, cut out a motif of a skull and stitch it to felt so it will be sturdy, then glue to the shoe.

Idea 2: Start with canvas fabric, draw and paint your skull, stitch to felt and glue to the shoe.

Supplies for a sugar skull appliqué using patches:

Small appliques

e6000 craft glue


They were just the right size and they came out so very cute! OK, this crafty is pretty self-explanatory, it will take you 10 minutes to make these, but here are the steps just in case!

Sugar skull appliqué shoes


  • You’ll need a pair of flats (Find a new pair or spruce up a pair that you’ve loved a bit)
  • Two Crafty Chica appliqués (or any of your choosing, (these are made with my own appliqués.)
  • An iron (depending on the size of the appliqué, if it’s smaller and more pliable you may not need to iron it down.)
  • Fabric glue
  • Clothespins (to hold the appliqué in place)

Sugar skull appliqué shoes

Directions for Sugar Skull Appliqué shoes:

Position the appliqué where you want it and iron in place. If it is kinda curvy, go ahead and use fabric glue  – use clothespins to hold the appliqué in place while the glue dries.

Sugar skull appliqué shoes

Taaa-daaaa! done and they look fabulous.

You can do this on a pair of Vans or boots or other shoes – slippers?

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2 thoughts on “Sugar Skull Appliqué Shoes”

  1. Have you ever thought of making your appliqués the exact opposite of each other.. or I guess it would be a mirror image so that when you use them on shoes or other pair of things they would be a mirror image. Not sure if you get what I mean, sort for not being able to express my thought better. It’s just a suggestion.


  2. Have you ever thought of making your appliqués an exact mirror image so that way if you use them on shoes or anything that is in pairs they would be the exact opposite of each other? Just a suggestion. thanks


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