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Sci Fi Señorita Glowing Head


Meet Lupita. She is from a far away planet called Mexicazonita. She loves to sit on a windowsill at night so she can stare at everyone passing by. She always likes to hide out in dark rooms so unsuspecting guests can walk in and jump to the ceiling when they see her shiny light…
 This is a foam hairdresser’s head model that I covered in dots of Tulip Glow in the Dark Paint. I just used different colors and made dots all over, pretty simple!
 This is a different twist on traditional Halloween decor. She’s not bleeding at the mouth or sporting zombie eyes. Nope, she’s just an alien creature who came to visit during this time of the year. Doesn’t she look charmingly creepy?  Special thanks to Alexa Westerfield for snapping the pictures for me!

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