REVIEW: iPhone6


Here is a review my new iPhone6! I never buy the S versions of the iPhone, I wait for the new generation. This is a very exciting time for me! After blogging earlier about my love of the size of the Samsung Galaxy S5, you know I gasped when I learned the iPhone6 would be a bit larger than the 5. And not to mention, the iPhone6 Plus! I couldn’t wait to snatch one up.

I’m a very patient consumer, well in iPhone diehard terms. I waited a month before leveling up my model. I went into the Verizon store to find out that even then, my name went on a waiting list. After trying out both the 6 and the 6Plus, I concluded that I didn’t want any more “plus-sizes’ in my life. I went for the smaller version. I then signed up for the $200 trade-in deal Verizon offered for my 5 model.

My new phone arrived within days! I fired that baby up and put it to use. In the meantime, my packaging for my rebate had yet to arrive. After spending $300 so far, I neededsome cha-cha-change, right? Like I did with all my other iPhones, I posted it on eBay and it sold for full price within 30 minutes. Score! If you plan to go this route, make sure you always save your original packaging, the booklet and everything! Use a wipey to clean the cord of the charger and headphones. Remove your case from the phone and clean it really nice, check for all the grooves as well. You’d be amazed at how much it looks brand new if you take care of it during the time you use it!

My review of the iPhone6:

I love it. I don’t care that the top button moved to the side, first world problems, people! It’s no big deal! It pretty much reminds me exactly of my previous iPhones, except with more features. I really like the fingerpad recognition, the size, and that it is now 64gb instead of 32! This means I can easily store two movies to watch on my travel flights, and still have a lot of space left!

Here is my numero uno fave feature – the battery life! It lasts more than DOUBLE than my previous iPhone. I travel a lot and I used to hit the airport at 100% charge, and by the time I landed, the charge was thirty and dropping quickly. That’s because I’m surfing while waiting to board, I’ll maybe read a book on the plane or watch a movie. With the 6, I’m at 70 when I land. The other day I had an art booth at an outdoor event and my charge lasted all day. This saves me so much time from running like fool, looking for a plug!

Another bragging point is the camera. People  used to laugh that I shot a lot of my YouTube videos on my iPhone, but this iPhone is totally respectable! I’m talking 1080p HD video, plus slo-mo and time lapse. My only concern now is finding a new tripod, because my old one (the grip/clamp) is too small. I’ll be shopping for one soon!

As far as my dislikes…it is pretty thin. After seeing all of the “bend-gate” issues, I’m careful not to put my phone in any situation where it might be at risk. I have to have a special pocket for it in my purse, because it will get lost easily in the main bag. I do wish it had a little stylus, but oh well! If that’s the worst of it, I’m doing pretty well!

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